Saturday, June 16, 2012

Naked On The Roof, Part III :)

Part Three: Naked on the roof for Memorial Day

This is the third part in the series of how we ended up naked on the roof for Memorial Day. During this part, I tell about how we made a pool and fountain on the roof, discuss important roof-activity, such as bathroom etiquette, tell how we dealt with the creeps that bothered us, and more of our adventures Naked on The Roof for Memorial Day! The first part is the 7-month history that led to this wonderful day. The second part is the events of the morning that we ended up naked on the roof, where I cut Sandy's clothes into a whole new outfit, then shaved her entire body. Lucy's Dad had just discovered she was a nudist, and The Sorority House Girls next door were also having a naked party today. This, the third, is a continuation from that point. This part covers more of the background with Lucy's Family, introduces Jill in full-detail, who I mentioned briefly in the first and second posts. Jill was a very important part of my life when I lived there, and her detailed involvement in my life are finally revealed for the first time ever in my life. (I explain more about that later in this post.) To catch-up with all the detail, and events which are in the first and second posts, you can see each of the other parts by scrolling below this one, or, if you wish, you may just use these links: 

This Memorial Day, it was not yet noon, and many events happened during that morning, and while I cannot (briefly) summarize the entire morning in a couple of sentences, (read the above-mentioned blogs to get a full run-down of all that got us to this point) this picks up right after The Sorority Girls and their families emerged onto their own balcony, many who happened to be naked, along with many of their younger brothers, sisters, and some of their own Moms, some of the Alumni, plus The House-Moms. Lucy is my co-naked neighbor. Her Dad had shown up, and was getting used to the idea of Daddy’s little girl being a public nudist, and Sandy, my shy about her body neighbor, trying naked for the first time was eagerly showing off her newly created (and revealing!) outfit, plus showing the world her newly fully-shaved (and bare!) body. On our own roof, We had a total of one naked man (myself), one completely naked college girl (Lucy), one dressed man, still getting used to seeing his beautiful daughter as a nudist (Lucy’s Dad), two college girls in partial stages of nakedness, or often just wearing one portion of a bikini at various times, and as the mood struck, often wearing none at all, and one lady (Sandy) who was eagerly learning to be naked, free, and only occasionally shy right now because of her newfound freedoms.

Creepy Guys next Door:
Meanwhile, on the other side, groups of men started to gather at The Frat House. These were older men, not the college boys who resided there while in school. The Frat House Boys were seldom a problem for us. They could barely see anything beyond the rim of their beer cups, so they hardly noticed us, and never noticed, or cared if we were naked. It was clear the men who were gathering were some of the guys who did the repairs on the houses when they were vacant during the summer. These men usually consisted of Alumni from the same Fraternity. I found it interesting that this was how they chose to publicly represent their Fraternity. This group of men were quickly becoming rude, leering creeps. These guys had the complete opposite feel of those at The Sorority House. The people at The Sorority house could not be seen by these creeps, but they did not like the feel that was coming from the other side of our building, so they all went back inside. Lucy turned onto her front, so as to not be as visible. The other two girls quickly put on their bikinis and shorts again. The men did not take the hint, so Lucy’s Dad went over to the edge and had a few words with them. This seemed to only encourage them. The unacceptable rudeness and remarks they made about “Him and His Daughter” were horrifying. They could not fathom the bond between a Dad and daughter, and seemed to think because she was naked, he was having sex with her! These guys were total slimy creeps! They made it clear that they could only act like creeps if they saw a naked person, and had no intention of doing any of the work they had come to do as long as they could be allowed to be creeps.

The men who had gathered at The Sorority, also did not care for how socially unacceptable these men were behaving. Since everyone at The Sorority felt the need to retreat inside because of the bad feel these creeps at The Frat gave off, they felt it was justified to go give them a visit, and attempt to talk to them like neighbors and gentlemen. These were the fathers, and older brothers of The Sorority Girls. When they showed up in front of The Frat House to attempt to talk to these creepy men, it was clear the creepers were not interested in being civil, polite, or in any way positive members of society. The men at The Frat house instantly wanted to fight, and got violent, immediately. The Sorority men were much too civil and smart to be sucked-in, though, and stepped away from their property. The creepers would not follow them, because they were totally cowards, and only felt they could be tough if they had their own property to hide within. So, the men from The Sorority attempted to talk from the sidewalk. The Frat men started yelling, and throwing things at them. We did not like the way they were behaving, so we called the police to come and warn them. As we did, they got really agitated, and started throwing more items at The Sorority Men, attempting to throw things at us on our roof, plus yelling more rude remarks our direction, insisting we were fools to have called the cops, since we were the ones who would be arrested. They were so clueless, mean, rude, and unaware of what was legal, and what was not. They seemed to think they could be bullies, and not have any consequences, and that somehow our nakedness was illegal. The police quickly showed-up, talked to everyone. The Police fully knew who we were, and knew we were doing nothing illegal. Some even hung out on our roof just to show the Creepers who was doing right, and who was not. It turned out That Lucy’s Dad was also friends with these officers, so they chatted while the officers below took care of the creeps. He was surprised his daughter already knew these officers, and that they were quite familiar with our nudist lifestyle! The police cited all the men at The Frathouse. They were cited for inciting violence, harassment, and warned to leave us alone. They were told they could not say anything to us, and told to go about their own business, and to ignore us, since we were minding our own business, and not attempting to cause them trouble. These men at The Frat house could not believe we were allowed to be naked, and they were not allowed to say anything. They were outraged that “such behavior” should be allowed. The police calmly informed them of the differences in what is legal, and what is not, but for such narrow-minded people, they could not grasp any difference, because in their thoughts, all naked was sexual. The creepers said that if the police would allow us to be naked, then they, too, would get naked. The police made it very clear, that if any of those guys got naked, they would instantly be arrested, because they did not understand the difference, and would make themselves lewd, and obscene. They warned them they were not allowed to harass us, or to say anything, but also told us they could not stop them from staring, gawking, or just making us uncomfortable.

Building Walls For Peace:
I decided either the creeps next door had just stripped away every ounce of safety, and comfort we had, or we needed to take away the possibility of them seeing us. I went downstairs and got some more rope and more sheets. Because The Frat House sat lower than our roof, it did not take much to build a barrier to block their view. The police watched as I did this to make sure the Frat men would not interfere, or get riled-up again. I was betting that these men were no different than most creepers… that if it was easy for them to be a creep, they would totally fill that description, and if they had to work at it, they would not bother. I got a lot of rude gestures and comments as I put up the barriers. The police arrested some of the men as they did this, since they had already been warned about harassing us. I just smiled and waved. They absolutely hated that the last sight they saw of our rooftop was my naked body, instead of any of the girls’. They hated the fact, that because they saw naked as sexual, they were the ones who got cited, and some arrested. The police made it clear they would patrol the area regularly to be sure those men stayed in line. It only took a couple of minutes for the creepers to forget about our rooftop, and they went to work on their intended projects. (And you wonder why I hate most men?) What is it that makes most men behave so badly? What is it that makes most men feel they can violate another person’s safe-place? What is it that makes them feel representing their own fraternity in this way is at all acceptable? These are simple lessons taught early in life, and not hard to learn, but even with the police right there, they could not grasp such a simple concept. It makes me wonder if any of them have any daughters, how insecure they would make their own daughter feel? After the sheets were up, the girls got up to see if they were at all visible to those creeps. They looked very relieved, but were not yet ready to be naked again.

How My Mind reacts when I encounter mean, nasty people:
Just seeing how fast those men harmed those girls made me want to go and teach them a lesson, but I knew that would only reduce me to their level, and they would love that! I could not help but wonder how on Earth they thought harming another was at all acceptable! Have these men never been taught how to behave in society? Were they orphaned, and left to fend for themselves on the street as children? Surely any person growing up in a loving home, in a functional society, with parents, grandparents, friends, schooling, church, and community would never treat another in such a harmful way. Surely, they had been rebuked, and scorned from the very first time they ever acted like this, yet somehow they got the idea they should continue. Men who behave this way make me want to reach-out and help, teach, educate them. I feel so bad for them. Nobody ever cared enough about them to teach them in life. But then as soon as I start feeling like somebody needs to reach-out and help them, I realize they have chosen to remain ignorant, and do not wish to be educated, or positive in society. Makes me very sad.

Come on out, the bad guys are gone:
The Sorority girls came back out again almost immediately. Just them showing up again helped make the mood much more positive. Their Dads and brothers had returned to join them, and all of us could not help but wonder what happened to those poor men that made them behave like that. We all found it quite telling, and interesting the differences between The Sorority (all about community, family, respect, positive, and being part of a productive society), and The Fraternity (all about rudeness, socially unacceptable, wanting to fight, no family activities, no connectivity to any kind of community, or anything positive, or socially acceptable qualities.) We could not help but wonder how they all managed to seek out, and join-up with other miserable people, how they were all cowards, but acted tough when they got around other bullies, how for some only getting arrested would stop their nastiness. How come they did not have the sense to stop as soon as an officer told them what was right and what was wrong? Why do they continue until they get arrested? The behaviors of The Frat house Men were similar to any ghetto mentality, except These men had money (they still acted Ghetto, and seemed to thrive on that mentality, even though nowhere in our world is Ghetto considered acceptable.) Then, of course, we focused on our own gatherings, the positive people we had all sought, the comfort, acceptance, freedom, care, and love we all had. The girls started their BBQ, and that almost instantly changes any mood from negative to positive! The younger kids had brought a portable pool to set-up on the balcony, and were already filling it with water.

The Proper Way For a Daughter To Shock Her Dad:
Poor Lucy’s Dad! He had simply come by with the intention of taking her with him to their family barbeque today. Instead he discovered she was a nudist, and most of the neighborhood knew it, and was joined by many others in her apartment building. As if that was not enough, he found me to have just finished cutting apart Sandy’s clothes, and then found out I had also just publicly shaved her on our roof, too, and she literally flashed him from his perfect-level-view. Then discovered The Sorority House had its own naked party planned, and then was accosted by the ill-mannered men at The Frat House, had seen the police come, and even they knew his daughter was a nudist! The poor guy had gotten far more than he had anticipated in stopping by his Daughter’s home this morning. He asked if she was ready to get some clothes on and come to their family home for the afternoon. She was happy to have her complete naked freedom. She pondered this for a moment, and then asked if he would allow her  to remain naked over there.  He thought about that for a moment, then said, “Sure, Inside the house!” He told her he was not so sure her mother, or the neighbors would be so happy to see her running around naked in the yard. She told him how many times the neighbors had already seen her, but agreed with the part about her Mom. He seemed surprised that she had allowed the neighbors to see her naked, and he had not heard about it. She laughed, and told him more about the many times she and her friends had spent naked on their family balcony, in the yard, and not hiding from the neighbors. She also told him about how often her little brother loved to be naked, along with her and her friends. She told him about all the times they had their "Campouts", and as soon as Him and Her Mom had finished checking on them, they would be naked all night, often streaking up and down the neighborhood streets. He just looked astonished that he or Lucy’s Mom had never known any of this. The more he thought about it, though, you could see him putting the pieces together, and realizing he had just chosen to not pay too much attention when he would see one of them naked.

It was clear that Lucy was happy here, and this was her home, it was comfortable, safe, and nobody would make her get dressed here. He asked her if she would mind if he brought Her Mom, and Little Brother back over here for an afternoon instead. She was thrilled at the idea! But she, of course was hesitant, too. This time, it was his turn to show a wicked grin! He gave her a hug, turned to leave, and suggested instead of BBQ, that we all order pizza when they returned. Lucy, Sandy and I all laughed at this one! (He had no clue about how our original pizza delivery when she first moved-in, or the many since!) He did not get our joke, but he did have that wicked grin, which told Lucy he knew more than he was letting-on, and that she should just relax, and have no worries about Her Mom coming up here.

At that moment, she totally understood that he knew how important this was to her. She was excited at the idea that her Dad, Mom, and Little Brother would join her in her world, her freedom, her joy. Yet, She was nervous, too.  It took a lot of guts to declare her freedom in the way she had to her Dad. She was not so sure it would go as smooth with her Mom. But she knew her “little brother” would be totally fine. Even though he was 6-years younger than her, they shared a lot of the same joys in life.

Lucy's Family:
After Lucy’s Dad left, she told us some more details about their family, and how all this came about. Lucy’s family had planned a BBQ for this afternoon, and her Dad had already told her he would swing by to pick her up before noon. So, when I had suggest we all have a naked day on the roof, that was when she got the wicked grin, and decided today was the perfect day to declare her independence, since having moved from their family home. Her family had come by many times, since she has lived here. They all saw me naked regularly, and found it to be mildly amusing. Her family consisted of Her Dad, Her Mom, and Her Little brother. Her parents seemed to be about the age of 45-50. Her little brother was definitely younger, but hardly little! He was a big boy, but had barley turned 16.

From the reactions (or lack of) that her family gave when they saw me naked, I could tell they were not strangers to the naked lifestyle. They were comfortable. I have seldom been made to feel uncomfortable around females, so of course I was easily comfortable around Her Mom. But, most of the time, I do not feel comfortable around most males (whether it involves naked, or not), and if I am not comfortable, I am not safe, so I keep away from most males. Her Dad and Brother were different. I found them to be comfortable, safe, and trusting. This was a rarity, so of course I cherished, and welcomed them!

Sandy and I had not realized that Lucy only would be naked a short few minutes once they showed-up. She explained how she had not yet declared her naked freedom to them, so even when she knew they were coming, she would purposely allow them to see her naked, but make it seem it was just for a moment, like she had just gotten out of the shower, or was just changing clothes. They never really suspected that she liked to stay naked all the time. She made it a point to be naked as much as possible at her parents’ home, but it always felt a bit awkward, so she would get dressed in short time. She was no stranger to seeing Her Dad naked, but he, too never lingered for extended periods. He never acted weird, or like it was unusual to be seen by his family naked, but he also did not make a habit of it. She seldom, if ever saw Her Mom naked, and just assumed she really never liked anyone to see her body.

Today was the day Lucy had chosen to be brave. This is one of the hardest moments for a nudist… That moment of allowing yourself the vulnerability, possible rebuke, ridicule, and even rejection by those you love and most need the support of. Lucy faced the first part of her fears wonderfully! For her, the part of facing her Daddy was The Easiest part. This was Her Daddy, She was Daddy’s little girl. Ultimately, as long as he knew she was happy and safe, he would accept, support, and encourage her. She was not so sure it would go so smooth with Her Mom.  But she knew her brother would be totally fine.

Lucy's Childhood:
All their lives, Lucy and her brother would play naked together. When their parents were not home, they would always strip naked, enjoying the freedom. Being 6-years older than him, she was already “the Big Sister” when he was born. She often would be allowed to baby sit him, starting at a young age, and from the time he was a toddler, he cherished, and worshipped everything his Big Sister did. She was no dummy, and made sure to never disappoint her little brother. A smart girl knows having her brother on her side is always a wonderful benefit. She taught him early on about the love of living life naked. They both enjoyed every opportunity they could be naked, but had to keep it mostly hidden from their Mom. They never knew why, but knew their Mom did not like them to be naked. Their Dad never really made a big deal out of it, so they could be more free around him more often, but also, they kept it to a minimum when either of the parents were around. They knew their Dad did not really seem to mind, and seemed to “not notice”, so they would see how long they could play naked without really getting his attention.

The little brother also cherished how naked made him feel, and of course loved it when his big sister would allow herself to be seen naked, too. From as early as he could remember, all of her friends took delight in convincing him to get naked. Some of them did not have any brothers, and many only had older brothers, and so the idea of having Lucy’s little brother as their own little brother was much delight for them, too! Of course, they would delight in seeing what it took to get him to run around naked. He learned early on that if he would pretend he did not want to be the only one naked, he would convince them to get naked along with him. Of course, the girls thought this to be a fun game, and great excuse to play naked! He totally loved to be naked, but learned early on to make it seem he was only doing it for them.  He was no dummy. Every little kid counts it a win if he can convince the older girls to get naked with him. The girls loved to be naked, too, but used his desire to not be alone as their reason. (Even though they likely would have happily been naked whether he was there, or not!) Lucy was beaming with delight as she told us about this part of their childhood. And, of course, as little kids will do, they and their friends always explored each others’ bodies, without shame, or without anyone making them feel bad for such innocent play. This, of course helped with everyone’s own level of comfort, acceptance, learning, and understanding of what bodies are made of, how they feel, how they react, and what is good, fun, clean, and positive. As Lucy told us about these cherished memories, she seemed to float, and looked almost like a little girl again. I recalled my own childhood, and the memories shared naked with my own sister, how our friends and neighbors were so similar, safe, comfortable, and free!

Lucy Grew up:
Once Lucy and her friends had grown-up, her little brother seemed to enjoy them naked even more, and she laughed at how he would make every excuse possible to see any of them naked. They were very comfortable, and used to him. Even once they got older, they never stopped enjoying his nakedness, as much as he enjoyed theirs. This is a bond that usually lasts a lifetime. He was never weird, or ever made them uncomfortable, just doing what little boys did when their sister and her friends suddenly looked a lot more curvy. Suddenly, his sister and her friends were looking a whole lot different. Of course he would want to know what was going on! The only time he made her uncomfortable was when he would bring strange new friends over to get a 'peek' at her. She knew how to keep that reigned-in, and did not allow it to get out of control.
She knew what her body would do to most boys, and would purposely make sure they got thoroughly embarrassed by their own desires, and they would be sufficiently scared to never even look again. This of course made her laugh, and taught her brother that simply enjoying the naked body was one thing, but to lust after it made it completely not socially acceptable. His poor friends had never been taught that simply naked was no big deal, and for them, they somehow felt it should be looked at in a lustful way. But then it would backfire on them, because they could not look without embarrassing themselves. To be caught trying to peek, and then have that naked body suddenly in their face, and almost forced to stare at it, really close, and see everything would mortify most little boys! 

It only took a short time before he lost interest again in the changes his sister and her friends’ bodies were going through. He went back to his normal acceptance, and happy to share the naked life with all of them, knowing full-well he was likely the luckiest little boy in his whole school. He understood how fortunate he was to have been taught naked acceptance, instead of naked lust. He had not met one single boy who he could be friends with that did not act weird about naked. He used the rule of simply allowing them to see his sister, and if they acted all creepy, he knew they were not the type of person he wished to have as friends. His sister, and her friends totally agreed with his approach, and would make sure to help him out as much as possible. He also noticed how badly those same boys would behave at simply seeing another boy naked. He learned that if these people were so creepy about any naked, whether boy or girl, they had missed a key part of learning in their growing-up. They were not the kind of people he wanted as friends.

It did not take long, before he realized girls were much more comfortable than boys, and was bringing girls home as friends. Lucy and her brother enjoyed watching as the little girls would discover they could comfortably be naked around other people without it ever being weird. For many of these girls, they had not had the experience of being comfortably naked around anyone, because they, too had always been treated in a creepy way if someone saw them naked. The littler girls especially enjoyed the opportunity to be allowed to see Lucy and her friends, as older girls, and allow the younger girls to learn, and see what changes were happening, and would soon happen to themselves.

Comfort and Safety Returned to the rooftop:
As Lucy was telling us all of this, the two girls had gotten semi-naked again. I found it quite unique that they would strip off their bottoms, and leave their bikini tops in place, occasionally untying them to avoid the string tan lines, but leave the cups over their breasts. They were happy, and what they did or did not keep on really did not matter, but I found it interesting. Usually, most women will go topless, and never remove their bottoms. They did not seem to have a care in the world, except for occasionally covering their breasts. They, of course had applied sun block to be sure nothing that was seeing sun for the first time today would get burned.

Sandy and I had each pulled-up towels near Lucy, and we all were enjoying happily laying in the sun.  Of course, Lucy and I were completely naked still. Sandy was starting to be very relaxed, and not seem to have a care in the world.
As she would lie down on her stomach, I noticed she would nonchalantly lift her skirt to allow the sun to warm her bare bottom. She would look around a little, and grin as she did this to see if she could get away with it. She looked so thrilled with herself! Every time the breeze would blow, and she felt it cooling her newly bare areas beneath her skirt, she would giggle, and laugh. She would get a guilty-pleasure look, and look to see our reactions. She had never before felt the breeze in this region! We would laugh, and enjoy her new-found joy. Then, after a bit, she would untie the top, and allow her bare back to absorb all the sun’s warmth, too. She would again look around a bit, and grin, discovering new freedoms. She would then lift her front up a bit, so her top would remain on the towel, allowing her breasts to hang free. She would look at herself, all smiling and proud, then look around with a grin again. She would look at each of us to see if we noticed. Of course we had, but we never made a big deal out of it. We each gave her knowing smiles, and she seemed to think that was perfect response! She would not lie in any one position for long, though, and was still learning to accept this whole free, and relaxed approach. But that was ok, too! Nobody worried about anybody up here. It was an “anything goes” kind of day! One time, she was lying on her back, and decided to explore the idea of doing just like the other two girls. She decided to completely remove her skirt, and allow herself to be covered on top, and completely bare on the bottom, while laying face-up. She grinned, and loved it! She never once looked toward The Sorority House to see who, if anyone, could see her bare parts. She was getting very brave, and very comfortable!

Finally, A Funny Statue of a girl peeing, instead of always seeing the statue of a boy peeing!

When Ya Gotta Pee, and You are on The Roof:
One of the other girls suddenly decided she needed to go pee, and was about to head downstairs, but said she did not want to have to put her shorts on just to go inside. She was pondering the possibility of making a dash for it, and not being seen in the stairway, and hall by the other neighbors who were not up here naked with us. The other girl asked her why she was going to go inside for that, which seemed to completely short-circuit, and even baffle the first girl. We had made it a plan to be on the roof naked, and not go inside, or put clothes on all day if we could help it. We all knew what this one girl had not realized. Everyone one of us had already gone pee at least once up here, and this one girl was the only one who had not noticed. I was the first to go while up here, and the others had seen what I used as facilities, never making a big deal of it, or saying a word, simply just noticing, and understanding.

There are certain benefits to living a completely open, and free lifestyle. One of those is that those you are around do not tend to get worked-up over the simple things in life, such as going pee. Living an open lifestyle, without doors closed, or windows covered also makes others simply not worry if they happen to see you going to the bathroom, showering, dressing, or doing much of the other things others who feel the need to hide will freak-out over. Going pee in mixed company does not need to turn into a spectator sport, nor is it necessarily something others wish to watch you do, but done correctly, you can do it around others without it ever being really noticeable.

Of course, even as a nudist, there are still certain standards, and ethics one should adhere to. You wouldn’t just go pee wildly on the rooftop, or even pee over the edge. (Although that can be fun in the right circumstances!) But, one great advantage to being on a roof, is that you already have the plumbing needed for going pee, and nobody will find a puddle left behind by you, nor would you risk peeing on another down below if you shoot it over the edge, and also you are not splattering it in the wind against the walls, windows, or vehicles down below.

Since the first girl was slightly baffled by this, I asked her if she had possibly noticed anything at all up here that might be the perfect place to go pee. She looked around, and was not sure… she was sure she had not seen any of us leaving puddles anywhere, but not so sure what we had done. I asked her if she had seen me standing in a certain spot earlier, to which she replied she had, but still did not connect the dots.  Lucy, Sandy and the other girl each asked the same, asking if maybe she had seen them possibly crouching, referring to a different spot for each of them. The girl did recall each of us in each different places, and could even recall seeing each of the girls crouching, but having not really paid attention to what they were up to. Then, as she looked around at each location we had pointed out, she noticed what we hoped she would see. She finally got it, and said “Those Pipes! You pee’d in those pipes!”  We all cheered. Then she sheepishly asked about wiping, and I just tossed her a bottle of water, and said, “When in nature, just splash, and air-dry.” Since she was new to this thought, I then cautioned her about the heat those pipes will have being in the sun, and to be sure not to actually sit on it! She giggled at that, and went and found a suitable pipe deserving of her squatting. The roof was not so huge that we could not see her, but she was discreet, and chose one slightly behind an A/C unit, and of course we never made a big deal out of watching someone take care of their business.

When she returned, she looked quite pleased with herself, and giggling. She asked me what those pipes really are for. I said “Exactly what you just did!” It seemed all the rest of us totally understood what those pipes were, but this was a new idea for her. She did not look so sure about my answer, so I decided to give her the whole story about the pipes. I pointed out the several kinds of things sticking out of a roof. There were air vents, exhaust fans, boiler, and heat exhaust vents, and assorted pipes of various sizes. I explained each one, and what they connected to down below. The particular pipes we had chosen for peeing down were the toilet-vent-pipes. These were the 3-inch cast-iron pipes which served as the vent-pipe from the sewer lines. Anything that went into these pipes, ended-up going straight into the sewer. I explained that often, rather than attempt to go under a house to unclog a sewer line, it was often easier to go above that house, and have a straight-shot down to the problem. She was then concerned about how clean these pipes were up here. I told her that unless many other people were up here peeing into them, they are fairly clean, because they really never touch anything sewage, and they get the sun, wind, and rain cleaning off any gasses which may come out of them. She seemed quite satisfied with that, then again amazed that she had just pee’d on the roof, in front of all of us! I told her to just be sure she never pee’s down an air vent, or worse, into a boiler-vent! Everyone got a good laugh from that thought! 

As she was still giggling at the thought that she had just gone pee in full-public view of anyone who might wish to notice, she giggled some more, gesturing toward all the moving trucks and all the people still all around our neighborhood who had probably just watched her go pee on the roof! But, as she looked across the many people all around, and even at all those who were gathered at The Sorority House, you could see that she noticed there really was nobody watching anybody. She was amazed at how everyone was allowing everyone else to fully enjoy their own day, and not totally staring, or gawking. She noticed what I had learned long before: If you do not go about life trying to attract attention, people will accept you, and leave you alone.

Curious Neighbors:
We had told several of the other neighbors about our plans to play naked on the roof all day, and none of the others were interested in joining us. Every one of our neighbors had seen us naked, and was not terribly concerned about our lifestyle. Even though all the rest insisted they were not interested in joining us, some expressed curiosity about it.

Curious Eyes :)
On more than one occasion, we heard the steps creaking, then saw eyes peering above the opening. They simply had been curious, and wanted to see if we really were up here naked. Once they saw, they would retreat, and be satisfied to have peeked.

Curious, Shy Jill:
There was one girl who was different, though. During the day, we had heard the tell-tell creaking of the rickety ladder leading to the roof, and from the pace, we knew who it was.When the creaking had stopped, but only a pair of big green eyes was visible barely peering out over the edge, we knew she was wanting to join us, but not ready yet. We knew who these eyes belonged to. Her name was Jill, and we would invite her to come and join us, but as soon as the eyes realized they had been spotted, they would quickly and quietly retreat back down again. I knew Jill would be inside my apartment, probably naked, and either reading, or coloring in one of my art books.

I mentioned Jill in the early part of This Memorial Day writing. (She was introduced when I got to March, leading up to this day... That was in the very first segment of This naked on the roof series. And, she was also briefly mentioned in describing how Sandy had watched her and her technique in touching my body. That was in the second part of this writing.) Now, it is time to give you the rest of the background on Jill:

Meet Jill (and see me smile at the mention):
Early in the day, when I saw Jill in the hall, I also invited her to come join us. I made it clear she was more than welcome to come up, and she could wear as much, or as little as she wished. I told her that anyone who was up there today would be as safe as anyone inside my own apartment. She gave me a smile that said she was entertaining the idea, and was thrilled to be allowed to join us. She was very shy, barley 18, and scared to death to interact with most of us on any given day. Jill seemed to be a bright young lady, just shy of the world. When she did speak, she spoke very eloquently, and had a lovely accent. She spoke English very well, but you could tell America was not her native home. She had very dark, very rich skin. Her hair was long and jet-black. Her eyes were very big, green, and full of the sparkle of mystery. She attended The University, and Lucy had seen her around campus, but she would only smile shyly if Lucy said hi to her. Sandy had won her friendship, but never pushed her to come out of her comfort zone. Jill would always open her door to tell Sandy “Hi” if she heard her coming past in the hall, but that was it. But it was a completely different level of comfort when Jill was inside my own apartment.

Jill lived directly above me, and from the first moment she moved-in, she always would stop, and smile when she saw me. At first, she looked through my open door, seeming to wish to take it all in, and wanting to preserve the artistic creations into her memory. The first couple of times I greeted her, she seemed to be easily scared, and would scurry-away to her own apartment, returning shyly moments later. I learned that if I greeted her, she would get scared, but if I just noticed her, then opened the door, she would allow herself to come on in. She was a very mysterious, intriguing young lady.

She would shyly come and stand at my door occasionally, and just wait for me to notice her, looking through the screen door hoping I would invite her in.

Jill was like a cat at my door
In some ways she reminded me of a cat. She never knocked, seeming, rather to just hope I would notice her. She would smile, really big, then just stand there. I would offer her to come in, and she would quietly come in, sit in my beanbag, and just smile. She seldom accepted a cold water, soda, or anything to eat, just seemed thrilled to be allowed to come and be in my home. She always looked at me with those big, sparkling, mysterious green eyes, but never once looked at me like I was naked. She would study me, and seem to wish to commit every detail about me into memory. Even though she studied me, and looked intently at every single detail of my body, she never made me feel uncomfortable, self-conscious, or awkward. The way she looked, I actually was made to feel very comfortable, and happily welcomed her gaze.

Jill found a Comfy Spot:
Even though she never said a word, she never felt uncomfortable, or at all out of place. She had chosen my home as her comfort spot, and often would just be thrilled to be allowed to stay for as long as she wished. She moved into the building in March, and it only took a couple of weeks for her to make my place her own home, too. I convinced her she was more than welcome to come in any time, and that she never needed to knock, or wait for me to notice her in the doorway. (She had never knocked, always just stood, waiting for me to notice her there.) When she realized I really meant it that she was welcome to come in anytime, and she was free to make herself comfortable, her eyes looked so grateful, and like I had just unlocked a huge hidden vault inside her. From that day on, she would often come in, almost silently, and not wanting to disturb me in any way. It did not take any convincing for her to truly relax. She always saw me naked, always saw Lucy naked. Sandy was never naked, but always came around, and was equally comfortable. Jill could see how comfortable, safe, and relaxing my home was.

Like an Egyptian Goddess?:
I had to admit, that from the very first time I met her, I was mesmerized by her skin (along with her eyes, and smile). She had the absolute most beautiful, rich, luxuriant dark skin I had ever seen. Most women I had ever met with this level of beauty in her skin seemed to always hide most of it from any view. Jill did not feel the need to hide her body, and also seemed to know how beautiful her skin truly was. I had to admit, the first time I saw her naked, I was amazed at the complete view of her luxuriant, rich dark skin tone. She had the most beautiful skin I had ever seen. (No, I am not making comments about her shape, her age, or how different parts of her body were shaped, or even proportioned. Though those were wonderful,and I do mention some later.)
Egyptian Cat Goddess
 I simply was extremely thrilled, and amazed at the absolute beauty of her skin. She had a skin color and richness that I had seldom seen, almost flawless, without any dryness, cracks, or blemishes. Her big, green, mysterious eyes, and her wonderful, warm, trusting smile matched her deep, rich skin perfectly. I mentioned how she reminded me of a cat. She actually could have passed as an Egyptian Goddess, and since Cats, and Egypt seem to go well together, perhaps she was an Egyptian Cat! :) She also knew I was studying her, and did not show any sign of it being uncomfortable. She seemed to welcome my studying of her, as much as I welcomed her studying of me.

I was always naked, and the subject had really never come up, it was simply just part of how I lived. I already knew she was not shy about hiding her body, and had seen her naked on her own balcony occasionally, although she never hung-out for long periods naked, she did not seem to worry if she decided to step outside to enjoy the evening while naked, enjoy drying off after a morning shower in the fresh air, or if anybody could see her. The first time I saw her go outside naked, I had to admit, I stared. I did not stare because I was seeing her naked body. I stared because it was an incredible treat to see such beautiful, rich, dark skin from head to toe! She smiled, seeming to understand exactly why I was staring. She understood, that to me, it did not matter about anything I was seeing about her body, but that I was mesmerized by the most beautiful skin I had ever seen. She seemed to appreciate my admiration of her skin. She had often used my bathroom, and never once closed the door, but I still was not completely comfortable in watching her use the toilet, although I did notice how much her skin caught my attention as she would drop her pants. She knew I was glancing, but also could tell that until now, I had never desired to watch anyone use the toilet. Along with so many other areas where she managed to knock-down barriers I had previously put around myself, this too baffled me. I could not figure out why I actually enjoyed seeing someone using the toilet. This, too was more of the mystery about her.

Jill gets Naked in My Home:
Jill never seemed bored, or even weird, just silently content, safe, happy, and calm. She made herself at home. She had only been around my home a couple of weeks when she first decided she felt comfortable stripping completely naked one day. She often wore very rich, soft, luxuriant clothing, seeming to perfectly match the look of her own skin. She was not terribly modest in her clothing, but she also was not terribly revealing. She had a good balance. I had seen her naked upstairs previously, and seen her using my bathroom, so seeing her naked was no shock, or surprise, but it was always a treat. The day she first felt the need to be naked in my home, she had picked-up a book, and was about to curl up in my beanbag chair.
Jill made herself at home
She never once looked at me, or considered if she should, or should not get naked. She simply felt like being naked, and did exactly that. What was surprising, was the manner in which she got undressed, and what she did with her clothing. Normally, when people are gonna strip, they just take off all their clothes, letting them fall, or land in a heap,  or on a chair, or not really doing anything with them, except removing them. Jill was different. She methodically, and eloquently unbuttoned every button, removed the clothing as if it were the most treasured, delicate thing she had ever handled, neatly folded each item into perfect, unwrinkled squares, and placed them perfectly next to the bean bag chair. Yes, she even folded her bra and her panties in the same meticulous, careful manner. She never once looked to see if I was watching, and did not care. And of course I was watching… but not to see her naked body, but to see this unusual manner in which she treated each piece of clothing. Besides how mesmerizing her skin was, her manner in which she handled her clothing, how she moved, and just about everything about her was mysterious. In all the times I had seen her naked upstairs, or using my bathroom, I had not noticed one incredible, very unique quality about her. This time, after she had gotten naked, and curled-up into my beanbag chair, I noticed something different about the way the sunlight reflected off her skin: I noticed she had body hair which was unlike any other human I had ever seen. From her shoulders to her toes, she was covered in a very fine, very silky layer of hair. I could not help but look more closely, because it was fascinating. Unlike most people who have coarse, thick, or curly body hair, hers was the finest, smoothest, silkiest hair I had ever seen. It was also equally dark as her beautiful skin.The more I looked, the more I noticed it was truly a very fine covering over every inch of her body. I found it to be very attractive. I found I was watching her much in the same way she was watching me. Between us, there was seldom any words, or conversation. She was the absolute most shy person I had ever met. Well, shy in words, but not in how she interacted with her mind! The more I learned about her, the more I was convinced she really was a cat!

Jill makes herself very Comfortable in my home:
Along with her level of comfort, she would use the bathroom, whether she felt the need to shower (yes, she often would decide to shower while in my apartment), or use the toilet, never shutting the door, and not seeming to worry if anyone could see her. (Some people make you wish they would close the door... because they are not pleasant, or comfortable in some areas. Jill was not one of those.) She simply allowed anyone who happened to see her getting into the shower to see a rare treat of the absolute richest, most beautiful skin from head to toe they had ever seen!  Her eyes, smile, and hair completely matched the luxuriant beauty in her skin. She was a beautiful girl, and she knew it. Other than when she was visibly naked on her balcony, or occasionally inside her open windows, she did not often hang out naked at her home. She also never seemed to get naked with the purpose of having me see her. When she got naked at my apartment, it was simply because she felt safe, and comfortable. She simply just did not worry about it. She matched me very much in this manner.  She never did anything to be purposely naked, or to be seen naked, or attract attention, but if someone happened to see her through her open window, she did not worry. When Sandy or Lucy would come over, and she was here, naked, she would not flee, or attempt to cover herself. She simply felt comfortable no matter who was in my home.

My Own Cat. This was inside my apartment...
The loft bed is where the cat is looking.
Occasionally, she would crawl up onto my loft bed, (it was ten-feet off the floor, and was truly a loft-bed, under the 14-foot high ceilings) curl-up and go to sleep. Never before had an 18-year-old girl just felt so comfortable that she would crawl into my bed naked, curl up and nap! Near as I could tell, she was just a shy kid who was thrilled to be allowed to be someplace where she knew she was totally safe. Still, I was becoming more convinced she was a cat in a woman's body!

I would try to talk to her, but she just seemed content to be there. She felt very comfortable in my home, but hardly said anything. She occasionally would comment about something, saying very descriptive words about what she saw, but mostly she spoke with her eyes, her smile, and the way she would move her fingers gently over what I had been working on. She did not seem to mind that I would work on my craft, painting, or photo, or other creative projects. If she came in my door, and saw I was already doing something creative, her eyes brightened even more. She loved to watch what I did. Occasionally, she would come and sit across the table from where I was seated, and just watch. Sometimes she would be naked, and sometimes she would not. Sometimes picking up little pieces, then putting them precisely how she had found them. I did a lot of work using a glue-gun, and she always seemed mesmerized by watching the hot glue glisten off the tip, at what ever I was gluing. I would offer her to try the glue gun, and she would simply shake her head, and smile. Many times, I would be painting the walls, ceilings, or other features in the apartment. (My painting was always an ongoing, ever-evolving project.) If I was painting, she knew to be far from any possibly splatters, so she would usually choose my bed as her vantage point. Most times, she would lay down, watching as I worked, then fall asleep while up there. I also did a lot of very-detailed coloring projects. I had found in my therapy after the path which led me here, that escaping in coloring books was an incredibly wonderful escape. These were not just simple coloring books. I went to the College Book Store, and Art Store, found some incredible detail, mind-twisting patterns, Aztec designs, architecture designs, and mind-illusions. I also got some really expensive colored markers, pens, and pencils. She would watch me color these for hours.

My door was always unlocked whenever I was home, so she was welcome to come and go as she pleased, just like Sandy, and Lucy were. Often I would wake in the early morning hours to see she was sitting at my coloring table, in my favorite comfy chair, completely naked with her clothes neatly folded on the floor next to my chair, with a very dim light on, and that she was coloring a picture in one of my books, my cat sitting across the table from her admiring her work. She never came in and colored while I was coloring, or when I would be awake and watch her. But often she would do this during the night, and leave the finished work open for me to discover in the morning, leaving a small thank you note, on the page, too. 

~~Sensual Warning!~~ The Following Six Paragraphs describe some in-detail sensual (Not Sexual, just sensual!) material between me and a wonderful young lady (Jill). The detail and descriptions are an important part of who I am, what I have experienced, and what makes me who I am today. I seldom reveal much in the way of anything sensual about my life, but I feel these details are important in helping set the tone of who Jill was, how she helped me learn to accept, welcome, and embrace life as it happens, and what our friendship was. Until now, it has not been easy for me to actually tell anyone anything about what I find sensual, let alone write it out. This is part of why I started Blogging. I felt I needed to explore, and express more of the details in my life. In the process of putting much of the important events of my life into writing, I find it is also very important for me to search what I feel, why I feel the way I do, and attempt to express some of these details I have tended to always keep a "secret". For most of my life I have felt the need to never tell anyone what I felt, in the area of what was sensual, what I hated about anything sexual, or some of the deepest feelings which make me who I am. The few times I have attempted to explain these to girlfriends, it seemed to fall on deaf ears, and made for more stress, tension, and lack of understanding in what I needed in a relationship. Often, I have had wonderful female friends, and although they loved for me to be sensual with them, it was always one-sided. I absolutely loved to give sensual massages to all my female friends, and they loved it too! But when it came to fulfilling my sensual needs, or desires, they did not feel comfortable. Most people have been programmed to think they already know what a man wants, and do not wish to accept anything a man says that is different from what they have previously learned. For most, the mere mention of desiring sensual, but not sexual is completely unacceptable, (or not something they know how to grasp. Many do not understand there is a difference.) and they choose to ignore this, thinking I really do not know what I want, need, and desire. For most women, just the thought of touching a man at all is somehow a sexual thing, and since they knew I was not interested in sex, they would not do sensual, either. Jill was a rarity, in that with hardly any words ever spoken between us, she understood this, and even thrived on it. For many years, I was conflicted about my closeness with such a young lady (she was barely 18, and I was 20-years older), and it took me a lot of searching to allow myself to let it be known. (It has been 6 full years, and I am just now feeling comfortable enough to tell about her.) I knew that nobody who saw us together, or knew how close we were had any problems, complaints, or thought any of our interactions to be inappropriate. We never hid any of what we did, nor were we ashamed, or felt in any way guilty. We definitely found some common areas in which, even without words, or any sexual tensions, undertones, or the hope that there might some day be sex between us... Common areas that were almost unspoken, but by allowing ourselves to be free, comfortable, and not letting any barriers that we could have created block what was so wonderful, meaningful, and cherished. While I lived at this apartment in Virginia, I found I was easily friends with those who happened to be my neighbors, coworkers, others I happened to cross paths with,  and were open and friendly toward me as well. This meant I was very close to many who were ranged in age from 18 all the way to fifty. This, of course has been true my entire life, where I have often had friends ten years younger, and ten years older, or even an occasional close friend 15 years apart. But Jill was the first I was this close to that happened to be 20-years younger than I was. I feel part of this came from my running away, letting go of "pretending to be what everyone else wanted me to be", and learning to accept, appreciate, and allow things to happen more freely. Without planning, or debating, I found one of my greatest friendships came where I never would have allowed it to happen before I left Oregon. Jill managed to open a door, and somehow get me to allow her to enter, uninhibited, unashamed, and without any seeming fear, regret, or guilt. With Jill, I allowed myself to live, and accept the giving of another. We never kissed, had sex, or did anything that would be considered a "relationship" in the "normally defined standards", but we definitely had a relationship, explored the full-boundaries of our sensuality, understood plenty about one another, and formed a bond that would stay with us for a lifetime. If you are at all uncomfortable reading about this sort of detail in my life, then, either read-on with an open mind... or with closed eyes, or skip the next six paragraphs! :)

Jill Joins Me in My Bed:
Often, I would wake to find Jill asleep in my beanbag, and on many occasions, she had crawled up and climbed into my bed with me. From the very first time she joined me in my bed, we both knew it was a good thing. She just simply wanted someone to snuggle, caress, feel, touch, explore, and be close to. She was not interested in sex, and knew I was not either. She almost always would be naked, and I always was naked, whether in bed, or not.
She never hesitated about climbing naked into bed with a naked man, because she already knew we were both safe, comfortable, and trusting. The few times she did wear clothing of some sort into my bed, her choice of clothing would always be as silky soft, and smooth as her skin. Her clothing seemed to match her skin in luxuriant, almost silken beauty. Her spirit was always calm, and I could tell she was not in any way a threat.  She was a comfortable snuggler, caresser, toucher, explorer, and never seemed to have any other motives. She knew I was not interested in sex, and she was also not interested in anything sexual with me. (Another curiosity about the way I was willing to allow Jill to be so close, and comfortable, let alone Any Woman to get close to me at this time also was huge for my growth, and moving forward in life. One of The Major reasons I ran away from Oregon, was suicidal, and ended up in Virginia, leaving life as I knew it was because of events I seemed to have no control over. I was completely baffled at the fact that I was suddenly a victim of rape and molestation....and it was done by a woman I dated a very short time. It seemed that no matter where I turned for help in breaking this horrible cycle, I was literally forced right back into it. For the first time in my life, I truly grasped how trapped, and vicious this is when you are the victim. Eventually, I will write more about those horrific events, but for now, know how much of a milestone it was that Jill had entered my life,and I welcomed her openly!) Jill had already proven she understood me a couple weeks prior in the shower. (I go into detail about that a little later.) Not only was her skin the most beautiful I had ever seen, it was also the absolute softest, smoothest I had ever touched, or been touched by. When she would crawl into my bed, she would take my hand, and guide it along her silky skin. She never placed my fingers in any way that could be mistaken as sexual touch (sensual, yes, sexual, no), but she seemed to enjoy moving my fingers along her body, and through her silky body-hair as much as I enjoyed the touch! She knew how to keep it from being uncomfortable, yet also knew exactly what she desired from my company. She made it clear she wanted to guide my touch, how long was good in any area, and would apply pressure as she wanted me to touch more, go light when she desired very light touch. She would hover her hand just barely above my own when she wished me to "play" at little, allowing me to explore, touch, and freely feel the energy as she desired. I could tell by how the energy in her own hand hovering just above mine how she wished me to continue. Without actually touching to guide me, it was like we had an electrical connection, and I could feel how she intended my hand to move. Part of her mystery, and charm were that she always wanted to guide my touches, at her own desired time. But she also was very good at doing this without actually touching mine. Without knowing it, she was literally training me to feel what she liked, understand her responses, reactions, and desires. When it came to my body, however, she was not wanting me to guide her hands along my body at all, but wanted the total freedom to be allowed to explore as she felt the desire. She was very tuned-in, and I could guide her without ever moving my own hands. She was the first person Ever to know what I desired, to know without words what was good, and what was not. Most of the time, she would do this when I was asleep. She often would allow herself to freely touch, explore, and feel my body. There was no part off limits, and she made sure she knew what every detail felt like, how it responded, how much was good, how much was too much, how much was not enough, and how I reacted. I would wake to find her smiling hugely, and feel her exploring touches. Her eyes always looked deep into mine, and what a joyous feeling to wake and be looking into her eyes! Most people I have shared a relationship with in the past would not create such a feeling if they did this while I slept, rather they would do as they wanted, jolting my rudely awake, and then quickly stop what they had been doing. That was never comfortable, pleasant, or welcome. I would wake, groggy, but feeling violated, and could not get into a shower fast enough, but there was never enough water, or soap that could remove that feeling. But Jill did it right, and I welcomed it. She never once looked like she had been caught doing something she should not, or looking like she hoped I would not wake. She never stopped when she would see me waking, because she knew she was doing it right. I never wished she had not waken me. When she was not sure if I would feel comfortable with a touch, she would gently touch, and see. She was thorough, studied every touch, and seemed to commit every detail to memory. Her touch in the bed was different than her touch in the shower. In the shower, she also had visual, in the bed, it was only touch. She had first touched my body a couple weeks before she ever joined me in my bed, when she would soap, or shave me while I was showering, so it was not surprising when she also did this in my bed, but at the same time, it was very surprising, but very welcomed. She was very good at understanding what I did and did not like. She always smiled hugely when she could see that I did not deny her this freedom. This, too, matched much of the mystery about her. In her few words she ever spoke, she would comment about how wonderful it was to feel me totally smooth and shaved (getting a proud, yet slightly shy smile, since often she was the one who had given me such a smooth shave.) She would comment about what she felt, how I responded, and even how, and when I would react. She also would surprise me by telling me exactly what she felt as she explored my body. She said more while she explored me, than she ever said otherwise. (She also was very descriptive in what she felt as I would do the same with her.) She was so perfect at reading what I felt, and knowing how much was going to be too much, or when it was time to change the feel. I also allowed myself to not feel shame with her, or worry about reactions, embarrassment, or wishing to hide any reactions. She understood what I did not enjoy, and what I did not want. While she totally knew what she was doing, and the reactions she would cause, she was wonderful about making sure it never got to the point that made me wish she had not done what she did. To me, This was The Perfect fit in sensuality, understanding, and feeling what the other is feeling, desiring, and enjoying. Keeping it sensual, not sexual. She was very good at people, learning what they did and did not like. 

Jill's Body Hair, and The Feel of Her Body:
I mentioned briefly when she had first gotten naked in my beanbag, how unique her body hair was. Along with her absolutely smooth, beautiful skin, she also had very silky fine body-hair. She had never shaved, or trimmed any portion of her body, but she did not look, or even feel hairy. The hair was also like the fine, silky fur of a cat, but not nearly as "furry". It was not at all like most people's body hair, and it certainly did not need to be shaved, trimmed, or removed. Her body hair was dark like her skin, and hardly noticeable. It was not thick, curly, coarse, or even at all raised above the surface of her skin, so it was almost like she just had silky fur as skin. Even the hair which grew under her arms was so delicate, and fine, it was hardly noticeable. It certainly was not long, or bushy. This hair literally grew on every inch of her body, including a very light 'fur' on her face (but almost impossible to see, or fell on the face.) But in no way did she ever appear like she had any body hair. Even on her breasts, it was simply a very fine, silky coating. I mentioned it Did cover every inch of her body... yup, even her nipples, but those, too, just felt and looked very silky, not at all hairy. She had seen Sandy's wild, out-of control hair, and knew of my desire to be allowed to touch, feel, and explore it. She knew Sandy was not comfortable with this. So, imagine my delight when Jill actually wanted me to touch her hair. The first time she loved guiding my fingers along her skin, and the silky smooth hair that was covering her body, I felt truly honored, trusted, loved, and welcome. It truly was a delight to feel, touch, explore, and have such silkiness under my touch. When her fingers would guide my fingers to her bikini area, she would gently guide me to explore more. She would only gently hold her fingers above mine, almost hovering her hand, as I explored, and felt such a divine wonder. It was clear she wished to feel the energy I felt, but allow my fingers to explore here without her own fingers touching, too. Unlike most women, the hair covering this area was not thick, coarse, or even covering much. It had never been trimmed, shaved, or at all removed, altered or made different in any way. There was no sharpness, or ends on any single fiber. Nowhere did any single hair feel like it was a hair, but rather a continuous silky coating, a very fine texture. There was absolutely no denseness, or in any way did it alter, or affect the shape, feel, or fullness of this beautiful energy-area. It did create a wonderfully-silky fur-like coating over the smooth curves, and plumpness that was eager for the caresses, touches, and magical energy which was abundant, inviting, and welcoming. The hair did not tangle, and always stayed perfectly "combed" as if it had a memory, and could not be messed-up. It had a definite delicate grain, and texture, yet was not obvious, nor did it feel you were "going against the grain" if you went opposite its own direction. It was fascinating as you followed its faint various patterns. Previously, I never, if at all would mention what I like in the various parts of a woman's body, let alone describe those parts. For most of what I do in life, the details of those parts are not at all important, or relevant. But in the feel of this post, allowing myself to freely express what I have for all my life hidden, revealing what was so sensual, magical, and all the details that I am finally comfortable in revealing, I feel it is fitting. The shape of her Vulva was absolutely the fullest, plumpest, curved, and most symmetrical of any I had ever felt, or seen. The thickness, width, amount of arc in the curving symmetrical plumpness, and the feel was absolutely what I loved! It stood proud, and firm, eager for touch, and full of energy. And, yes, the very first time I ever saw her naked on her balcony, I was surprised how I not only admired her beautiful, rich, luxuriant skin, but I was pleasantly surprised how much I noticed, and admired her beautiful Vulva. This also confused me some, because even though all my life, I had noticed, and admired a good-looking vulva, I never before really allowed myself to admit it from about the age of twelve. This was different as a kid. As kids, every friend I had who happened to be a girl was aware of my admiration, happily taking off their clothes to allow theirs to be seen, touched, enjoyed... much the same as they were happy to encourage me to share my penis with them. But, now suddenly again at age 38, I did notice, and did not feel shame, or like I should not be looking, appreciating, or admiring.  Keep in mind I am only mentioning her Vulva, not to be confused with The Vagina. Just as when she would explore me, and cause reactions, I would do the same with her, feeling her desires, changing what was touched, and how much, allowing the reactions to become exactly what she desired, and not allowing them to become anything she wished to not happen. Along with feeling her own reactions, energy, and desires, she also loved to have her own hand hovering barely above mine, and the energy I could feel from her vulva beneath my touch, and her hand above were almost like it was completing an electric circuit through this region. As I would lift my own hand, she felt the same electricity, and her own hand would almost magically lift, keeping the same exact spacing between them. Her smile, and the look in her eyes were such a thrill to watch as we did this.

Joining Me in The Bathroom:
Jill was always comfortable, and welcome in my home. When she first started coming into my home, and knew she was fully welcome, and free to do as she desired, she would come and watch as I would go to the bathroom. This, too was not terribly weird for me, since she had gone to the bathroom in front of me many times, and I surprised myself by actually admiring her as she did this. I had never before found anything interesting, or attractive about someone using the toilet. (If it was done in nature, that was a completely different story, but in a bathroom, I never wanted to look before.) But with her, everything was interesting, mysterious, inviting, and enjoyable. Only a couple of times before this had I ever allowed anyone to watch me. Before, I just would not allow this, and would be too self-conscious, allowing it to weird me out. But, as I mentioned, coming to Virginia was all about learning to live, learning what I was all about, and allowing life to happen. The first time she came in and wanted to watch, she did not ask, or say anything, just looked with a curiosity as if she wanted to learn. To me, another human wishing to learn is The Most Wonderful thing to be able to help with. If I can be of any value in helping another, that was huge for what drove me! Her eyes totally looked with desire of learning, understanding, and wanting to know exactly what I was doing, and why. She did not have a grin, or even a look of being up to no good, simply of true desire of learning. She never looked at me as if she had never before seen a naked man, nor like she had never seen a man going to the bathroom. The look was more of a pure desire to understand all about me. In this, she also reminded me of a cat. Cats always watch their human with such intense curiosity, and hated to not be allowed to watch. (I never felt uncomfortable with a cat watching me, either.) I was surprised that I suddenly did not get "shy bladder" when she would do this. She was truly comfortable, safe, and welcome. After realizing how she approached the desire to watch me go to the bathroom, I grasped why I had the same desire to watch her, when she first presented the opportunity. We each were truly interesting in learning all about the other, wanting to know every detail, how each thing we did looked, felt, and how it made us more aware of the other... totally. Often she would come in while I was showering, and she would come and sit right there in the bathroom, and just smile. She watched very intently, and curiously as I would soap, or shave myself. She never seemed to notice anything about my nakedness, she just liked to be near me, study me. I found it absolutely to be the most comfortable thing to have her there, watching, and so close. Sandy had also been close, and watched me shower often, but neither Sandy, nor I ever touched the other, never shared a bed, and Sandy was not as comfortable being seen naked, or admitting that it was OK to look at all her unshaved, wild hair. She never made a big deal out of it, and would often go from her shower to her room naked, and seemingly want to have me see her, but not make it obvious. At Sandy's often she would ask me to come talk to her while she was in the shower, and even with a clear shower curtain, did not seem at all uncomfortable with this. My shower had a glass door, and it was not easy to see one another through it when it was wet, or the steam had gotten on it. Sandy was not interested in opening the door, very often, or seeing that much detail as we interacted when I showered, she was just happy to come in and talk with me. Yet in her own bathroom, she was not shy to have me right there and her completely visible through her clear curtain, even after the shower, drying off, while standing right in front of me. Sandy was content to explore our closeness in a completely different manner than Jill was. Both Sandy and Jill were quite familiar with one another in my apartment, and had both been there often at the same time, so there was no tension, or bitterness between the two. They both fit very well into my life, and blended well with each other. If Sandy happened to come in while Jill and I were together, there was no awkwardness, nor did anyone feel they should stop what they were doing, or leave. We all fit very well together. Sandy often would watch, and study what Jill did, seeming to admire her understanding, and wanting to learn it herself. (That very studying is how Sandy knew how and where to touch me during her massage after I had shaved her on the roof!) But  Jill always wanted to open the door. Since she communicated with very few words, and mostly with her eyes, touch, and smile, this made sense to me. You could never feel any stress, or at all uncomfortable when Jill was around. Since Jill always wanted to open the door, this meant the water would spray out. She was never interested in getting any water on her silky clothes, so she would almost always strip, fold her clothes, bra, and panties into neat tidy squares, making sure there was never a wrinkle, and set them in a tidy pile where they would not get wet. 

A Helpful Audience While Showering:
She started doing this a couple weeks before she ever joined me in my bed, so had not yet touched me, nor had I touched her. When she first started, she hardly looked at me as if I was naked, yet studied every move I made while soaping, or shaving my entire body. Even though she looked at me more closely than any other ever had, she never once made me feel self-conscious, uncomfortable, or awkward. From watching the look in her eyes, she truly enjoyed studying every thing about my body, how every bit of it was shaped, how it moved as I moved, and seeming to wish to commit every single thing about my body, and how I used it to complete memory. She never wanted to join me in the shower, but was quite content to stand in the open door. Sandy would often come in as Jill had the door open, and would join us in the bathroom. None of us ever felt this was awkward, or at all weird. We fit very well together in this manner. Jill would stand almost in the open door of the shower, very close, and studying intently every detail. Sandy would sit on the sink, just behind Jill, also seeming much more interested once Jill had shown it was acceptable. One day when both Jill and Sandy were there, Jill surprised me the very first time she took the bar of soap, and with her big, questioning eyes, asked if she could be allowed to soap me. (I knew without any doubt she was safe, and not like the one who had helped drive me toward attempted suicide. I knew I could trust Jill, and she would Never cross that line from sensual into sexual.) She never said a word, just asked with her eyes. This was the first she had indicated she ever wished to touch me. Sandy never once looked like this was uncomfortable, or awkward, and I knew I was in perfect company. I allowed Jill to take the soap, not totally sure what she was about to do, and was pleasantly surprised to find out how relaxed, and comfortable I was as she soaped me. To allow a woman to touch me, soap me, and have free access was something I thought I would never allow again. I was thrilled at how she knew how much pressure to apply with the soap, yet was also gentle, too. She soaped me exactly as I would soap myself. She had studied, and copied me. She was not shy about soaping every part of my body, literally doing it exactly as I had, making sure every bit, nook, and wrinkle was done thoroughly.... except with her, I had reactions I had not with myself... I surprised myself by allowing her to continue, and not hiding these reactions, or even being embarrassed. It was clear she was not trying to cause a reaction, and other than a bit of a grin on her part, she did not react, or get embarrassed herself. This was the first time she had seen me react at all, other than if I happened to climb out of bed and still had what is called "morning wood", but even when she saw me with "morning wood", she only gave a slight smile. I noticed she would study me a bit more, seeming to enjoy, yet never making me uncomfortable about it. She was the first I had not felt the need to hide any reaction from. She looked at my reaction with wonder, and curiosity, rather than as if I was suddenly wanting sex, or as if she had suddenly changed the mood of what she was after. With her, it was very comfortable, even fun, to be allowed to have a reaction, and let it be. We both knew I had not gotten this reaction when I soaped myself, but that it was truly a reaction to her touch, even though she did nothing different than I would do normally. But overall, it was a reaction that was the result of not just the touch in that area, but all that led to this moment. Sandy had occasionally seen me briefly with "morning wood", and I quickly turned to not be showing it to her. The couple of times she saw it, she looked a bit embarrassed, and uncomfortable, so I did all I could to conceal it, and pretend it was not there, just as I had done with most people in my life. Now, as I got this reaction, and totally felt comfortable, I looked to see Sandy's reaction. Sandy did not look embarrassed, or uncomfortable at all, but also had a slight grin, and looked very curious, satisfied to be allowed to see, watch, study, and happy that I did not feel I should hide it. Sandy was very interested in watching both my reaction, plus Jill's touches. Jill was so wonderful in how she never responded with shock, surprise, or even as if either of us did something wrong. She never reacted, except to smile a bit more, and get more curious. Her way of responding made it clear she had not been sheltered as to how a body reacts, but she responded in a healthy, encouraging, yet not sexual way. It was clear she was truly not truly seeking to make this sexual, and was quite satisfied to allow it to be whatever it was. She was great at studying and reading me, so she knew I did not wish for it to become anything more than sensual touch, and was not interested in sexual. 

Allowing Playfulness:
She was also playful spirited, and enjoyed learning, touching, and exploring. Again, she surprised me by giving some more detail attention to this area, but not too much, and always reading me to be sure she did not take anything further than I desired. In the playfulness, and allowing things to react some, then relax, as needed, she did not hesitate to manage to explore, play, and investigate both visually, and by touch every single detail. She enjoyed looking from front, back, top, bottom, sides, and straight-on. She noticed, and enjoyed touching, exploring, learning, and studying every bit that moved, grew, stretched, shrank, wrinkled, swelled, swirled and twitched. (Watching her enjoyment, curiosity, and wonder, I recalled when I was first discovering my own changing body as a teen how I enjoyed studying these same things just like she was now.) But, never before had I allowed another to ever study me in this way, let alone two at the same time. Never had I allowed myself the freedom to allow another to be so close, and watch what my parts would do. For whatever reason, I always felt shame, embarrassment, and guilt at these reactions. This was the first time she had touched me, and here I was totally allowing her to not only touch, but to play, explore, learn, and study every little detail (and I was also amazed at how much she seemed to want to know all about me like this!) It almost seemed she had never before been allowed to touch, learn, and explore any other human. She never told me whether she had, or not. She never reacted as if any of this was new, or surprising, yet she acted like it was new, fascinating, and she needed to learn all about every detail. I enjoyed giving her the freedom she desired. Having Sandy watching every detail, studying, smiling, and not at all thinking this was bad, also was an incredible feeling of freedom, trust, and understanding. It was good, and healthy for all three of us. Suddenly, this was a whole new world for me! I was allowing a woman to touch me, even allowing her to cause reactions, and not hiding it. And I welcomed my other best friend, who never wanted to see me react, nor would I want her to see it.  Sandy remained quiet, but was looking, watching and happy. She could tell from my eyes this was a good, healthy experience, and because we encouraged each other like that, it was good for all of us. I was still quite amazed myself at how suddenly free I felt, not needing to hide, deny, or be ashamed of anything. Jill took her touch, along with my fully soapy body, and managed to make that the most wonderful soaping I have ever had. Sandy studied as much as Jill did. Even though this was her first time ever touching me, Jill seemed to know exactly where each wonderfully sensual spot was to touch on my body, and how to touch, caress, and handle, creating some of the most exotic feelings, never taking anything beyond a truly sensual experience that was greater than any had given me before. She was careful to take me to wonderful heights of sensuality, yet never cross the line into sexual. The look in her eyes,and the smile on her face, along with her touch showed me she truly enjoyed this as much as I did.

Triggered Memories of Sensual Touch as A Child:
  (As she did this, I was reminded of when I was a child, long before I ever knew the shame, guilt, and the feeling of needing to hide because of things people did in a sexual manner towards others. I learned early about what was considered good, healthy sex, and harmful, unhealthy sex. I also learned about touch, sensuality, exploration, and how to feel another's needs. I learned what was good, acceptable, free, and welcome, compared to what was bad, forced, unwelcome, and creepy. I was reminded of how wonderful, free, and safe touch can be by someone you trust, when it is welcome, mutual, and not done as a thing that should be hidden, or to gain power over someone, or to be kept a secret. I recalled many times with those I was with naked as a child who were also wanting to touch, explore, play, and be allowed the freedom to explore another, sensually, but not ever harming another. I was reminded of so many open, comfortable,and trusted people who I would allow to touch me, and they would allow me to touch them. Within my own family, My Mom and Dad were both adamant about never touching, ever. Heck, we hardly got hugs in our family. Yet, oddly enough, even though they did not feel the touch was appropriate if it involved them, they never tried to discourage us with our friends, family friends, some relatives, and neighbors. Sometimes the best play-days were the ones in a mud-puddle in the back yard, where we were happily allowed to be muddy, smear mud on (haha...and IN!) one another, touch, play, and explore freely, without ever being told it was bad, or discouraged. Then, often the cleaning of our muddy bodies was even more thorough when it came to touch, etc, since we had to be sure any mud that was on, (or IN!) any part of our bodies was now cleaned. Our friends' parents also encouraged, saw and allowed this sort of exploration, learning, and play. On My Dad's side of the family, nothing naked was ever allowed. Period. So, obviously no touching ever happened from his family either. In this post, I am revealing many things I have never before told another soul. It is not easy to finally allow myself to express what I have kept a "secret" all my life, but it sure is a good feeling, once I finally allow myself to get it out. On my Mom's side, Grandma was considered a safe person, always! The weird thing was, Mom totally approved of anything Gramma did involving massage, touch, etc, just did not like it to be done naked... yet she knew we loved to be naked, and spent as much time naked at Gramma's as possible, so she mostly chose to not say anything, and allow us to enjoy what was safe, healthy and good.  Grampa was also completely safe, although he seldom touched anyone. As I was enjoying Jill's touches, I was reminded of many wonderful people whose touch was actually welcomed, done publicly, and never harmful, shameful, or to be hidden. The one who was most important was my Grandma. Keep in mind these touches are not to be confused with anything sexual. Grandma never hid her sexuality, but she also was careful to never do anything sexual with anyone but Grampa. Yup, We learned early about sex around Gramma. While she never sought public sexuality, It also was not hidden. It gave many young people fits to think about Grandma and Grandpa having sex. We always warned our friends to never look into their bedroom, or to never look closely if Gramma and Grampa were alone in the pool, but they always did, and would get quite a lesson! She also did not hide her desire to teach the difference between sensual and sexual. She also taught me openness, acceptance, caring, what was proper touch, and what was not, and how to tell the difference. I have mentioned many times the wonderful things my Grandma taught me, even mentioning briefly about her wonderful massages, and how I learned to give the same to others in life. But until now, I was always careful to just mention she gave massages, but never mentioned they were very sensual, and that she was the primary one I learned this art from. I have briefly mentioned a lot of things she did, but one I have never told anyone, yet it was not a secret, since she did this openly, publicly, and never was it hidden.  She knew about touch. She was proud to share her knowledge. All of our friends, their parents, the neighbors, and anyone who was friends with Gramma n Grampa knew this, saw this, welcomed this, and most experienced it. She never felt the need to hide the touch, massage, and sensual wonders to anyone who was open, willing and also curious. Every person who ever came to Grandma's house with us could see, and if they desired, could experience it. Only a few did not welcome this wonderful treat. As a kid, I understood fully how a reaction would sometimes happen. I was taught when those reactions were appropriate, and when they should be made less obvious, or even hidden. In the lifestyle we were allowed to live among many of our friends, and their families, often a boy would have a reaction, and it was not shameful, or even made to be an embarrassing thing. (It was only bad if the person purposely would get a reaction and use that reaction to get attention.) We learned and accepted how healthy, comfortable, and natural it was, and understood how to behave if you had one. Likewise, any girl also understood about these, (often taking much delight if they could cause a reaction) and when handled properly, they were never offended, or freaked-out by a reaction. Sensual touch was a welcome part of our childhood. Even with so many safe, healthy, comfortable, positive people, there were always some who were absolutely unsafe when it came to ANY nakedness, touch, and especially any visible reaction. My own Brother was one who was absolutely not safe to be naked around, along with My Uncle. Neither of them were allowed to touch anyone, ever, nor would anyone be naked near them, ever. Any time either of them had a reaction, nobody was safe. Occasionally one of them would decide to be naked, and everyone else would hurry to leave. Nobody was safe, or comfortable around them. Ironically, my Uncle married a lady, who was the exact opposite of him. She was now my new Aunt. She was one who was safe, and knew about sensual touch. She was just as safe welcoming, and comfortable as Gramma was. Around her, naked was comfortable, touch was welcome, yet she also understood her own husband was not safe, so she would only go naked if he was not around. The irony was, Her own son, now my Cousin, and my own age was a total creep, and unsafe around naked people. I remember how many times this new cousin tried to have sex with my Sister, and also wanted to do very inappropriate sexual things with me, too! He never tried anything with me, just inquired, so he was not a forceful "bad" person, just creepy! When My Uncle first brought our "New" Cousin around, I was only 9, and my Sister was 8. We could not believe how inappropriate this boy was at such a young age! His Mom totally did not approve of his behavior, but she had lost control of raising him years before due to this boy's father. (So in this area, My brother, my Uncle, and my new cousin got along very well.) So, it was quite tense and awkward at my Uncle's house, or at any home he showed-up at. Often, though, at any family gathering, My Uncle would "go for a drive" taking his step son, and my brother. That was when the rest of us could relax. Often as a kid, I was sent to go camping with this Uncle, and his family. I was always torn, since I hated the creepy feeling my Uncle and Cousin caused, and I could never relax, or ever be naked around either of them, but I loved the camping, the trips, and the adventures, yet at the same time, it offered me an escape from my own Brother, so I often would choose to go with my Uncle. Camping in a tent with creepy people always made for very sleepless nights, so I would go for days without sleep, then always sleep in his van while we drove back home. Sometimes, I was allowed to bring my own tent, and I could sleep peacefully, even naked if I wanted to. My Aunt knew how hard this was for me, and often would come into my tent to massage me to sleep, giving me much needed comfort, security, and understanding. My aunt and I were both early birds, so we would get up, and go exploring, or for an early swim in the lake totally naked before the creepy ones would be awake. As for our own family, we found, fortunately, my Brother never wanted to come anywhere our family went, and even at home, He would choose to go elsewhere, and allow us to be free, comfortable, and safe. My brother never went to the same neighbors, as my sister and I did. He never wanted to join us at Gramma's, and the few times he did come along anywhere, he quickly disappeared, finding somewhere, or someone else to hang out with. But aside from a few bad ones, we were surrounded by lots and lots of wonderful, safe, comfortable people. People who understood sensual, welcomed acceptance, freedom, curiosity, and the ability to be free, explore, and play. Many of our neighborhood friends' houses were totally safe, and also many of our family friends outside of the neighborhood. As a child, we really did get many wonderful experiences involving sensual touch, exploration, freedom, and curiosity. We knew when it was safe, good, healthy, and a welcome thing, because we could tell anyone about it, or anybody could see it happening, and not be made to feel guilty, or as if someone did something wrong. Nobody ever acted as if someone was doing something they should not, which is a very important key in the difference between right and wrong. As Jill did all these wonderful things to me, and as Sandy watched, I was reminded of so many wonderful people who had such a positive part of my childhood. It took 26 years, but I finally found it again! I was in a truly safe place!) 

We continue in The Shower:
Jill proved to me that she truly cared, and was not going to go beyond sensual, into the sexual area. She then helped rinse me completely, so she could apply the shave gel. She was already holding the can of gel, with the same asking eyes. Sandy's eyes got wide at this thought. I just smiled at Sandy, and she relaxed, seeming quite alert, and wanting to watch every detail. Normally, I have had very few ever want to attempt to shave me, and when it came right down to it, they were eager to play a bit, but not confident enough to actually shave another human. I had plenty of experience in shaving others, and always wished another would wish to do the same on me. Jill was that someone. She did not show one iota of doubt, and I knew she was capable, willing, and she hoped I would let her. She had studied me, and was ready to do this exactly as I would do myself. This, too was a thrill beyond words for me. She started at my ankles, and did my legs perfectly. As she worked up higher, I was pleasantly surprised to find she knew exactly how to move parts out of the way to get the highest parts of the legs. As she did this, I half-expected her to linger, again as she had done with the soap, but she also understood this was not the time to cause any reaction, because some parts need to be relaxed in order to properly shave them. I was also happy to find that I was perfectly relaxed! (I was thrilled beyond belief, but had not gotten any reactions.) Then she proceeded to lather, and shave those regions in which most would not dare. She did every move perfectly, knowing how to hold, move, and adjust each part, knowing which direction to shave, also knowing that there were multiple directions for each bit. For anyone who has never before shaved regions, such as the testicles, anus, or penis, it is a degree of difficulty that is very delicate. For example, the testicles are not exactly a firm, smooth surface in which one just simply glides the razor over the surface, nor is it easy to get a perfect shave between the legs, and over the anus. The testicles need to be pulled, stretched, and tugged to properly get a smooth shave. The penis actually needs to be stretched, and pulled, and not just in one direction, but to every possible angle, to get all surfaces, but cannot be erect, so I was pleasantly surprised when she did this perfect, too, yet I did not react while she did, even with all the extra tugging, pulling, stroking, and handling. She did my entire penis, testicles, and anus perfectly. (Of course, she definitely took her time, and seemed to enjoy every detail as much as when she soaped me earlier... I enjoyed it, too!) Sandy was almost falling off the counter as she leaned in closer to get a better view. Once she was finished with these areas, she rinsed, and examined her work to be sure she had done a thorough job. Knowing she could now cause a reaction, since the shaving was done, she made sure to "inspect" her work very thoroughly. Again, she took me to new levels of enjoyment, and I was not at all ashamed, embarrassed, or even worried about the reactions. Jill was definitely enjoying being allowed to play some more, too! During the entire shaving, Jill wore a look of satisfied content, along with a look of focus, making sure to pay attention, and do it right. I normally nicked myself at least once every time I shave, but she did not draw blood one single time on any part of my entire body! She managed to get every single hair, giving a far-more perfect shave than I had ever given myself! She looked quite pleased with herself, and I was happy to allow her to play. Sandy seemed very happy to be included, and I was still surprised how comfortable I had gotten with this. I still was thinking about all the safe, wonderful people who had been in my life as a child, and these two were definitely in the safe category! Jill, of course then moved on up my arms, underarms, chest, and then even my face!  As she did each of these, she did so with such studied perfection, and a smile of complete contentment. She continued to allow herself to play. After the shaving was 100% complete, she decided to rinse me, and then re-lather me up with more gel, so she could allow herself to play over my entire, totally smooth, and silky-with-lathered-gel body. That was the first of many exotic showers. She never would actually join me in the shower, only "playing" from the open doorway. As she stood there, treating me to such wonderfulness, she of course would get the spray, managing to not stay dry herself. But since she was not totally wet, only wet from spray, the water would bead on her fine, silky hair. As she treated me to wonderful soaping, and shaving, I always admired the glistening on her silky hair. In many ways, she looked like a fairy prancing about elegantly in the early morning dew of nature! 

~~OK, For ANY who wished to skip over the Sensual details, and get back to the Naked Rooftop, You can begin reading again!... (but if you skipped the above, you missed some really important background on Jill, and about my childhood, and knowing what makes me so passionate about the things I believe...)~~

It was Toasty-Hot on The Roof!:
We were all getting pretty toasty up on the roof, and after watching the people next door play in their little pool, I got an idea. We knew the day was only half-done, and we were getting into the hottest part of the afternoon. When I went into my apartment, Jill was curled up in the beanbag, naked, reading a book. I reminded her she was more than welcome to come up to the roof. She watched as I gathered the hose, and nozzle. I went back up top, tied it off around a pipe, then dropped the other end down to the ground. I went back down, and hooked the hose to the faucet, and turned it on. I stopped back inside my apartment again, and grabbed a really huge plastic tarp, some more rope, and a few more sheets. Jill was watching as I gathered all this. She asked if she could help carry it. I happily accepted her offer. She got dressed, and eagerly helped. As we were carrying all this back up, she asked if she was allowed to be naked with us. I told her she could wear whatever she was comfortable with wearing. She just smiled bigger than I had ever seen her smile! Then she asked if we were allowed to touch up there. I told her we would have to see what felt right. It had barely been two months since she moved into our building, but she was a very welcome spirit, and one of the most comfortable people I had ever met. Sandy, and Lucy also welcomed her. She was also more shy than any other I had met, too! She had a mystery, and curiosity about her, that was welcome, and I always enjoyed learning more about her spirit.

We Built a Fountain and Pool on Our Roof:
When we emerged onto the roof, Jill was still grinning. Everyone on the roof greeted her, careful not to scare her away. She just smiled. She carefully set down the load she had carried, then looked around a bit nervous. I could tell, now that she was up here, she was not sure how to belong, or fit-in. She knew how to be in my own apartment, because that was her comfort zone. This was new territory for her. She looked quite eager to look at everyone who was relaxed up here, and across at those at The Sorority House, too, but she also did not look like she felt she belonged. I asked if she would help me. She seemed to float, and her smile returned. I had her help me spread the tarp, and weave the ropes through the grommet holes around the perimeter. She seemed to understand what I had in mind, while all the others looked on with befuddlement. We strung rope all around the perimeter grommets, and stretched the tarp outward, and up on all the edges and corners. We did not need to go very high, just enough to create a fairly good pool on our roof! Using various A/C units, vent pipes, poles near our roof, and whatever else we could string a rope to, we now had created a large plastic pool! Jill also seemed to understand what the sheets were for. Before we filled the tarp with water, we spread the sheets under it, so it would not get holes from the roof.

This Wonderful Photo was taken by My Friend, Aleksandra.
It represents very well the feeling our rooftop fountain and
pool created. 
We also strung a couple of sheets across random areas over our heads, and at angles to create a bit of shade to relax under. We did not put any shade over the pool area, since filling it with cold hose water would make it very cold, and we wanted the sun to warm it up! We spread a couple more sheets inside the tarp, and put some rocks on the edges to keep it in place. (If you have ever placed your bare skin on  a wet piece of plastic, you know the feeling is not comfortable, so lining it with sheets was our comfort layer.) Also, for some reason, there were very large chunks of rocks up on our roof. I used the rocks to position the hose and nozzle, so when I turned it on, we suddenly had a water fountain on our roof, cascading down into our new pool! We all almost instantly were gathered under the spray, and frolicking like a bunch of kids in a lawn sprinkler! The two girls were bottomless, but still wearing their bikini tops. Lucy was naked. I was naked. Sandy was wearing her skirt, and top. Everyone of us removed our sandals and flip flops before stepping inside the pool area. We all knew how to keep it clean!

Jill stood aside, and looked like she was not sure how to join in. I asked if she wanted a towel to sit on, or to possibly lay her clothes on. (I knew enough about her to know that when she did undress, she always neatly folded her clothes, and always set them in a nice little stack.) She just smiled. It seemed I knew what she needed even though she could not bring herself to voice it. I also knew she would not allow herself to play in the water with the clothes on. She was wearing a silk-like set of shorts, and top, along with sandals that also looked very soft, luxuriant, and comfortable. I was betting she would not get those sandals wet. I set a towel out for her under one of the shade awnings, away from where it might get sprayed, or splashed. Then, knowing Lucy’s Family would soon arrive, and they would set-up right next to Lucy’s towel, I moved mine and Sandy’s towels next to where I just place Jill’s. She smiled, and asked if those were Mine and Sandy’s. When I told her “Yes”, she smiled, sat down on her towel, and said “Good!”  I asked if she was comfortable, and if she needed anything. She just smiled, looked around, then said “It is perfect.” I offered her a cold water, and she happily accepted it. I made sure she knew Lucy’s Family would soon be showing up. She did not seem worried. She was beginning to sweat just a little, and I could tell that the last thing she wanted was to get her clothes sweaty.

She looked around again at the surroundings, then over again at The Sorority House, and must have decided it was safe. She stripped, and folded her clothes so tidy, placing them in a neat little stack perfectly aligned with the corner of the towel. She even meticulously folded her bra and her panties. She then stood up, and ventured toward the fountain and pool. The first step made it clear the roof was too hot for her bare feet. Sandy saw this, and immediately came over, offering her own sandals for Jill to wear across the roof. Sandy was wet, and her feet were much tougher, so she would be fine. Jill smiled such a huge smile, almost with a look of “Wow! Why are you all so kind to me?”, stepped happily into Sandy’s sandals, and went confidently into the fountain, remembering to step out of the sandals before getting inside the tarp area.

Everyone into The Pool!:
Everyone was enjoying the fountain, but so far no one had actually gotten down to enjoy the pool. The first to lay flat-out in the pool water was Jill. She laid herself out in a position where the spray cascaded down over her body, and allowed the water to rise around her. She had a brilliant idea. Everyone else was waiting for the water to fill up. The water was currently only about 4-inches deep, so it was not much more than a puddle, but her smile said she understood how wonderfully sensual that water could be as she allowed it to both caress her as it fell, and tickle her as it rose! She was the tiniest of us all, so the water was already at the magic spot for tickling her regions. Sandy was the first to join her in lying down in the forming pool. She giggled as the water made her fringe on her top move and tickle, and as the fast-rising water started to make her skirt flutter a bit, and as the water reached the level of her newly bare skin in that area. 

All these sensations were so new and thrilling to Sandy. The sensations she was experiencing were enough to make everyone stop and watch for a brief moment. Even Jill sat up, and turned her head to look closely at this region of Sandy’s newly bare parts. Jill grinned, and asked her how she liked being bare. (I think those were the most words Jill had ever said to Sandy!)  Sandy was in heaven, and she looked at Jill, and gave her a smile that said more than any words ever could! Jill happily lay back down next to Sandy. Together they enjoyed what no words can describe. Lucy was a bit more curvaceous so even though she went and lay in the pool, it would be a few more inches yet before the water rose to tickle her regions, but she allowed it to tickle her as it ran down into the pool.  The other two girls decided to lay face-down in the rising pool. As soon as they were face-down, one of them removed her bikini top. The other one only untied her strings, but still lay with her breasts in the cups. They both commented how by laying face-down the water was at a perfect height to tickle each of them in those regions.  I of course laid on my back, and let the water dance across my face, and tickle everything that was above the water. It was quickly reaching up, and tickling my regions from below, too. It felt wonderful! Jill was the tiniest of all the girls, so the water quickly submerged her. She looked so wonderful, radiant, and peaceful as she lay there soaking up the sun, most of her beautifully colored skin submerged, but glistening its rich dark beauty in the radiant glow. As the water flowed around her, it was fun to watch her fine silky hair gently float out in tiny ripples and waves from her skin. 

~~Sensual Alert!~~ Yup, This part also contains much Sensual detail... (it happens to be important, and part of what this memorial Day was all about)... And some parts could easily be interpreted as much more than just sensual, for those, I will not say, but will let you make up your own mind. My mission in finally allowing myself to openly admit,and disclose these details in my life, is absolutely NOT to describe, or even attract attention to intimate details, but is totally about the overcoming of fears, boundaries, and allowing freedoms to enter my troubled life again. These writings are some of the most difficult I have ever embraced. They also are some of The Most Important aspects of some of the battles I have had to address in overcoming the fears, knocking down walls, opening up my closed-off soul to learning to live again. Know that in this writing about our Memorial Day, I am not just sharing about a naked day, but finally allowing myself to let some hidden emotions come out, finally letting my life-long secrets be exposed, so to speak. It has taken years of searching to get myself to the point where I will allow others to finally know so many deep, intimate details about who I am, what makes me feel, and believe what I do. So, if you are not sure you want to know Sensual Intimate Details about me, then either read with an open mind, or closed eyes... or skip the next bunch of paragraphs. (and scroll down to the last six paragraphs of this writing) But, if You DO wish to know some of my deepest feelings, some of my most passionate beliefs, and understand me a bit (or a whole lot!) more... Then, by all means, please read-on... with an open mind... or closed eyes:
In the sunlight and water, her silky body hair also glistened, floating, in gentle waves, almost invisible, but for me very noticeable, and made me smile, I knew that in a few moments I could feel it as it floated. She looked so much like a cat in a woman's body, yet not quite as furry as a cat would be. The combination of her skin, and "fur" were a treat to behold. She looked like she was truly an Egyptian Goddess soaking up all the sun, and water. For the first time since she had moved in, and out in public, she did not appear shy, she looked like this was her castle, her throne, her world! She always looked like this in my apartment, but never outside my little world. I was happy to see her outside, naked, and comfortable among others. I noticed the others also saw what I was seeing. All of us were enjoying admiring Jill's beauty, her calm, her seeming to be welcoming all eyes admiring her. I wanted to touch, caress, explore, and play with her beautiful skin, and feel that silky hair floating in the ripples of the water. Occasionally, Jill opened her eyes, looked at each of us who was in the water, smiled, and closed her eyes again. She was as comfortable here, among all of us as she was alone with me in my apartment. I also noticed that while each of us was admiring the others, none of us seemed at all concerned about who might see what. Jill was between both Sandy and Me. Without opening her eyes, Jill reached out and took one of each of our hands. She knew exactly where to reach, and took our hands without even looking. Sandy smiled with such a welcome smile, knowing this was Jill's hand, and this was the first she had touched Sandy in any way. She held our hands for a few lovely minutes, never once opening  her eyes. Then, she lifted her head slightly to look and see if anyone else was looking. She noticed the two girls had their eyes open, but were not really looking. She saw I had my eyes open, enjoying watching everyone's bliss. She smiled, even grinned, giving me a look that said it was all welcome up here. Sandy and Lucy had already seen us together, and never once were we made to feel awkward. We all were enjoying the magic, delight, and freedom. Jill moved my left hand to her bikini area, knowing my desire to feel her silky hair floating in the water, and removing any doubt I might have had about whether she would welcome this up here. I was not the only one wishing to play. She was eager, too. This was our first time outdoors, in the sun and water. She then put her right hand in my area, allowing herself the freedom to play as things were moving around in the water. While she had explored plenty in the shower, and in my bed, this was the first time she had the opportunity to explore while things floated in water. Her left hand was still holding Sandy's right, and since asking about the newly shaved region, and the look Sandy gave her, she was feeling brave. She adjusted her hold, so that now Sandy's hand was on top of her hand, both facing palm-down. I lifted my head to watch Sandy's face, and she smiled hugely, with a look of eager anticipation, but still was not sure what Jill was up to. Sandy and Jill both had their eyes closed. So did almost everyone else in our pool. One of the girls was watching, smiling, and enjoying being allowed to see our explorations. This, too surprised me that I was comfortable with this. Jill lifted her own hand, and Sandy allowed her hand to be freely moved atop Jill's. The smile and look of anticipation on both of their faces was priceless! Jill had the look of being brave, and hoping for acceptance, Sandy had the look of not sure, but eager to feel what she was up to. Jill gently placed her hand on Sandy's fully-exposed, newly shaved bikini area. Sandy had a look of almost complete relaxation, and melting. Sandy had witnessed mine and Jill's sensual explorations, and earlier had experienced mine and her own first-time explorations, and knew that instant she was about to be treated to the same pleasure, between Jill and herself. She kept her own hand barely touching Jill's allowing the same feeling as when Jill did this with Me! I closed my own eyes, and allowed myself to get totally lost in all that was wonderful, feeling-good happening all around me in this pool! The feel of Jill's hair floating gently in the movement of the water was exotic. Without having a hand free to guide my own hand, she manged to wriggle slightly, guiding me to explore more of where she wanted some touch. I was surprised that I was willing to allow further exploration than I had ventured with her previously. I did not need to guide her at all, and neither did Sandy. Jill was intently exploring both of us simultaneously, and I am betting neither of us felt her attention was divided. She gave as much attention as she did when she was alone with me, and from the touches she was giving me, I knew she was treating Sandy to the same!

Jill was so tiny, it did not take long for there to be enough water to cause her to float. Of course my hand was on her, and I could have held her down, but I thought she would enjoy the feeling of floating. She did! As she began to rise, she discovered how much more she could enjoy all the sensations without having her backside on the bottom of the pool. I took that opportunity to move my hand around underneath her bottom. I seldom got the treat of exploring her bottom, since she was normally laying on it when in my bed, and occasionally she would roll on her side, but to have it floating was a new freedom. She was no longer lying next to us, she was floating between us! Sandy could feel Jill rise, but did not change a thing. Jill and Sandy continued with their own exploration, and treating Sandy to such freedom. My entire body was submerged, and I had to hold my head up slightly to keep my nose above the water. (I do not float.) I had gently moved my hand across every bit of Jill's backside, fully exploring her butt, the area between her cheeks, and up again toward her vulva. I did not linger very long between her cheeks, intending to work my way back down again, since I could tell she really enjoyed my first exploration of this region. After bringing my fingers back up across her vulva again, I noticed how easily they slipped between the plump curves, and how she welcomed this. I allowed my fingers to gently part the curves, and slightly enter between, gently tracing the inner curves, and folds. Since I had never before placed my fingers anywhere in between her plump curves, I was feeling her reaction to see if she wanted me to allow my fingers to go where they so easily went in the water. She was not at all offended, or at all felt I had crossed any boundaries. She was now allowing me to explore completely freely without her own hand guiding, much the same as I had allowed her to do with me.

I continued to trace, explore and play, noticing reactions, when it was too much, or when more was welcome. The water, and free-floating flesh made for ease, unforced access to more than was acceptable when out of water. This exploration would not have been welcomed the same in the dry environment, and we both eagerly welcomed it. After thoroughly exploring, massaging, playing, and taking her to just the right level, I moved on up and all around her torso, not missing any bit of her skin and silky, floating hair. There was not a part of her body where she did not eagerly welcome thorough exploration. Her breasts floated, and seemed to have much more to explore, shape, and move when they were in water. From the way she breathed, I could tell she liked to have them explored when the were floating also. She would exhale to make sure the water covered them, and they floated free. Similarly, she worked on exploring my floating parts much the same way, as they floated. She was eagerly allowing herself to float into my touches. I glanced at Sandy, and saw that Jill had moved their hands up Sandy's torso, and was playfully teasing the fringe floating around her top, also allowing her hand to float up under the top, tickling Sandy's breasts much like I was with Jill. Sandy was in heaven, and happily allowing her own hand to follow Jill's. Together, they were allowing the freedom of play, and exploration of Sandy's body. As Jill breathed in and out, her body would bob slightly. Her silky hair floated barely above her radiant skin, and it did not matter if it was on her front, back, or sides. I allowed myself the freedom to follow it all along her entire body, feeling the gentle waves of fine, silky hair floating in the current. I loved exploring every inch of her body as it floated free, but found I was more interested in her wonderful, plump vulva, and she welcomed this new floating freedom, too. For some reason, the way it seemed to take on its own buoyancy, and life as the ripples of water gently flowed in between those plump curves, and the way the hair danced, it was not just pleasing, but very animated, alive, welcoming, and responsive. In many ways I could compare these reactions to my own as she played with me with my parts floating freely in the water. Her breathing made it so her body was slightly submerged, then slightly above the water. This not only caused her body-hair to wave gently as each wave crossed her body, but it also caused the hair to lay in its perfectly-patterned waves as if it had not ever been disturbed. Her hair felt so different as each ripple of water moved across her body, then flowed away again. 

I was enjoying the new ways her body felt, floated, and reacted in the water as she was with mine. She with her own explorations of my body, found that I was not floating, yet my penis was. She attempted to make it sink, but to her delight, it continued to float. I noticed as I moved my hand around different regions of her body, she also did almost the same with Sandy's body. I lifted my head to watch, much like Sandy had watched when Jill played with me. Of course, Sandy's vulva was not nearly the same as Jill's, not nearly as plump, or even as proud, but it still had plenty of life, and the touches, along with the water were helping to move her own unique shape in very animated, alive ways. I saw that Sandy eagerly welcomed Jill's fingers to part her own flesh, and freely explore, trace, and massage all around the inner folds, too. I moved my hand down to Jill's bottom again, and this time allowed myself to explore more thoroughly between her butt cheeks, and again up to her vulva, and focused quite thoroughly on this area. As I did, I saw that Jill got a huge grin, very anticipated smile. This was new to Jill, and she was eagerly anticipating the new sensations. When I freely explored this region a few minutes before, she welcomed it so eagerly, I knew I needed to come back and be more thorough. As I did, She also moved her own hand down between my butt cheeks, then back up again to my testicles and penis, and back into the cheeks again. While I had my head up, looking at her grin, I noticed she was now moving hers and Sandy's hands similarly, almost copying what I was doing with her, except Sandy was not floating, so Jill could not guide their hands quite as deep between Sandy's curves, but Sandy moved her legs, and would lift her pelvis to allow better exploration. As Jill worked between my cheeks, I lifted my butt up so she could have free access to explore as she pleased. She had already proven how much sensation there was in this region when she explored and played in the shower, so of course, I intended to give her the same pleasure, and give her the freedom to do as she pleased with me. 

With the water movements, and my fingers already in between the plump curves, I easily slipped into deeper regions. I explored fully up and down, even across out of crevices, exploring every wonderful plump curve, and fine silky hair in these regions. Not only was her silky hair covering every inch of her body, but in the area of her entire butt crack, all the way up to and including the vulva, and slightly in between the plump curves there, it was a silkier, finer texture than the rest of her body, and grew in fun swirls. I enjoyed tracing every single fiber, making sure to allow my fingers to float beneath the silky hair, and freely feel where it ended, and the flesh just inside the vulva opening had its own silky texture. As I explored those wonderful plump curves, the flesh of her butt, and even her inviting anus, I traced every single silky fiber. As I traced to her anus, I noticed it swirled in a perfect pattern around the hole. She had explored this region in much detail on me, and was exploring it again, as I was exploring hers. She was much more familiar with mine than I was with hers. For both of us, my exploration of this area was new. She welcomed any I wished to explore. She was allowing her fingers to freely go where the water allowed, and It was delightful. I too was allowing my fingers to explore. As I traced, I could feel her anticipation. I could tell she wanted me to hurry up, and explore more in this area, but I was thoroughly enjoying the exploration. I was surprised at how delightful, and welcoming this area was. Much the same as she had discovered on me. I also was surprised how much sensation, and quickly this area could take each of us to levels we really wished to not go. We both were at the edge of heightened sensuality, and knew we needed to calm this down. We were each at our limits of where we wished to go. She had similarly done the same with me. 

The water created new freedoms,and magical sensations, also allowing more open explorations. We both allowed ourselves to go further than either of us had before. It would have been real easy to just allow ourselves to continue in the feel of the moment. We also both knew that was not what we truly wanted. We knew the value of our mutual sensuality, explorations, and playfulness. Yet, we also knew where we wished to never go. While she was wanting me to explore further, I also was encouraging her in the same way. She equally teased, and prolonged the exploration and play the same way I had with her. The water created levels of sensation that were far beyond any we had ever reached. I lifted my head to see what her grin looked like, and was pleasantly surprised to see Lucy and both the other girls totally watching us, grinning from ear to ear. But it was not a voyeuristic grin, it was more of a knowing, welcome comfortable, and happy to be considered safe enough to be allowed to see such pleasure. I did not let Jill or Sandy know we were totally being watched, and just smiled at Lucy, and the other girls. I am not sure how long they had been watching, but they definitely were enjoying it. Jill and I were both much more relaxed again in moments. In the water, and with all the ways everything was floating free, relaxed, welcoming of any fingers happening to be slightly against those regions, and fingers easily entering any opening between curves of floating flesh, the ability to take each other to levels which could easily go where we wished to not go, we thoroughly enjoyed the magic of it. We also enjoyed the freedoms we were allowing ourselves. The feelings were far better than any orgasm could be, much more meaningful, delightful, and we both loved such a natural 'high', without any letdown, sudden change in emotion, feeling, or conflicting feelings. Keeping it strictly sensual, and never allowing fully-sexual, never causing orgasm was The Absolute most delightful way to show our love for one another. Sandy did not seem to have a worry in the world, and would let Jill take her to any level. 

One of the other girls moved enough to cause a fairly big water ripple. Since my own hand was right there, I felt the sudden wave hit Jill's Vulva with a fairly good force, almost seeming like the wave wished to enter, and go through her. She started to giggle! Lucy was quite a bit more curvy on her backside, so she had not yet floated, or even had much of her body submerged, but the water had reached the perfect height on Lucy to fully tickle her regions, and with the ripples created by Jill's breathing and bobbing, and our own movements of our hands, it created a continuous tickle-effect. Then this sudden ripple of water which had forcefully tried to enter Jill's area, also hit Lucy in the same way, and Jill's hand was doing with Sandy the same as I was with her, so the wave hit Sandy in the same way. So, Jill, Sandy and Lucy all started giggling at the same time! Also the water had risen enough that Sandy was no longer at the tickle region, but the water had come across her front area, making her skirt flap upward, fully exposing all that was free and bare, and during Jill's explorations, Sandy's top had come mostly untied, and what would normally have stayed in place was now mostly free from Jill and Sandy's hands moving under the top, so it too, was floating mostly free, allowing Sandy's tiny breasts to be sticking up from the water. When they started giggling, my eyes were closed, my ears were submerged, and only my nose was above the water. If my own fingers were not right there to feel that wave, I would not have known why they were all suddenly giggling. I could hear them with my ears under water. By now, my penis was very relaxed, and Jill reached over to enjoy it in the soft state, still floating, bobbing on the water. She really enjoyed when she could get a reaction, and play with it like that, but enjoyed it even more when it was totally soft, and she could bend, twist, and squish it. She was still doing all this with her eyes closed. My eyes were closed too as I enjoyed it. Now, I just rested my hand across her vulva, gently feeling the hair as it flowed a bit on the water.The energy which flowed from her vulva was wonderful, and all three girls were still giggling. (I imagine if I had that kind of energy coming from my vulva, I'd be giggling, too!)

That was when Lucy’s Family showed up. With our own noise, and lost in the feelings of what we all were experiencing, we did not hear her family coming up the stairs. Only when we saw shadows cross our blissful faces with our eyes closed, did we know we had company!

Surprise! Lucy's Family arrived:
Imagine what Lucy’s Family saw as they arrived: I was the closest to the stairs. So the first sight they saw was nothing but my penis above the water, Jill's hand trying to hold it down, then allowing it to float free again, then a giggling Egyptian Goddess, with my hand on her vulva, and her hand along with Sandy's on Sandy vulva, which was no longer covered by the skirt at all, since it had managed to float up more around her belly than anywhere near her lower region, and her breasts fully out of their top, poking out of the water. Next to Sandy, they saw their own daughter fully enjoying a particularly well-placed tickle from the water, with her breasts still high above the water line, and next to her, were two girls, butts up, and breasts down positioning themselves just right to get maximum tickle-exposure from the lapping water, having also been giggling most of the time, and allowing their breasts to float and bob freely (one attempting to keep them inside the bikini cups, with not much success) in the rising water!

When the shadows crossed my face, I opened my eyes to find her family grinning wildly at us. Jill felt me look up suddenly, so she knew we had company, but also knew it would be Lucy's family, so remained floating peacefully, not yet opening her eyes, or disturbing Sandy. Lucy was still not aware they were here. Lucy was absolutely correct about her brother. He appeared to have come up from the parking lot not wearing anything but his flip flops, and sunglasses! This was the first time I had seen her little brother without clothes, and here he was towering over me while I lay naked in a pool with many naked people, including his sister. He was definitely just a boy of sixteen, but parts of his body had decided he was a very large, hairy man! He still had the little boy look in his face, and his penis was also still that of a little boy. His shoulders, chest, and legs, however were very broad, hairy, and muscular. The poor guy had not been treated proportionately equal in how he was growing. But I totally admired that he did not feel he should hide while he was balancing out. He was confident, happy, and did not seem to care if anyone noticed. Lucy was the next to open her eyes. Sandy, and Jill were still lost in bliss, and did not care what was happening outside their wonderful moment! As soon as Lucy saw her family, She leapt out of the water, and gave her Daddy a huge wet hug. She was so happy, he succeeded in getting her family to join her here! Then she gave her Mom a cautious glance to see if she was mad, or if everything was alright. Her Mom asked where her wet hug was. Lucy knew it would be alright. Then her little brother said with a grin, “Don’t even think about it!” Lucy took that as a challenge, and gave him his own wet hug, too! He squirmed a bit, but you could tell he truly loved his sister, and would not refuse any hug from her, naked, or not.

The way Lucy leapt out of the water, everyone was jostled out of their momentary bliss. Sandy was surprisingly calm about how much was exposed. The two girls of course scrambled to put their bikini tops back on, still not caring that they were bottomless. I found this quirk endlessly amusing. I’d never before met a girl who was comfortable with a bare bottom, but always wanted to cover her top. Jill was very calm, and did not seem at all uncomfortable. Everyone stood to greet Lucy's family, some still wearing quite a guilty grin that told way more about what pleasures the water held than they might have wished to be revealed.
Of course this was the perfect time for Lucy to introduce everyone. Their family had already met all of us at random times, and Jill was the only one who had never met them, but still it was a good thing to always make sure the introductions were always done, and especially under the naked circumstances of today. Her Dad asked if we were ready to order pizza, and asked all of us if we would allow him to treat all of us to pizza, too! I told him I worked at Domino’s and knew the drivers, and the owners would also give me a discount.  He laughed and asked if they delivered regularly to naked people. I assured him they did. Again, Lucy, Sandy, Jill and I laughed. He caught that there was definitely a joke in there, but let it go again. Once figuring out what everyone wanted, I placed the call, and made sure they knew we were having a naked party on the roof. I knew they would send Laura, since she was the top driver, and also is quite comfortable around our nakedness. (Little did I know that she had a new trainee shadowing her today.)

While waiting for pizzas to be delivered, Lucy took her family over to her towel area. The family had also brought some towels to lounge on. They spread some out under one of the shade awnings, and chatted eagerly. From all indications, her Mom really was comfortable around nakedness. We kept the water spray going to help make it so they could chat more comfortably without us hearing everything they said.
Of course, the pool was filling up nicely, so we went back into it to enjoy that for a while. With Lucy's family here, we kept our hands to ourselves this time. (Well, sorta. We did touch, because this was part of who we were, and part of the wonderfulness of this day. But we did not get wild in our touches, or explorations.)

I chose this spot to break this writing. This was the third part of a series covering The Most Fantastic Memorial Day Ever! There were so many events that all combined to make This The Most memorable Memorial Day Ever. It takes quite a bit of time to get them all written-out, and put into Blog-form. Plus, by breaking them up into many smaller portions, it is not like reading an entire book.  (Hmmm… perhaps I should write a book, instead of a Blog?) Check back soon for The Fourth part… and more of our exciting day naked on the roof!

For those of you who are following My Blog, attempting to learn more about what makes me who I am, the troubles I have had to battle, and the joy in overcoming those battles, I appreciate that you are interested enough to want to know more about me. This is the entire reason I started Blogging. If I can help one person understand even a tiny bit about me, then I have succeeded. Also, as a bonus, I understand others will stumble upon my Blog, and hopefully see a bit of their own struggles, their own battles, and possibly see there is hope, and they, too can make it in their own battles. If One single person finds hope, or acceptance, then I have gained much more reward than I ever could have imagined. Perhaps someone who reads my Blog will see someone, or can relate it to someone the care about, and wish to help, or understand... Then, by all means, please share it with them.  May you have a Blessed, Safe, Comfortable day. May you find that your struggles are making you into who you are, and help shape where you are going.