Saturday, September 1, 2012

Build a MacBook for less than $20

Want a MacBook? I can Build ya one :)

I have a friend whose daughter was turning 16. She wanted to get her a Mac Computer for this birthday. In the few minutes of discussing this, My mind started playing with how I could twist those words, and come up with my own version of a Mac Computer.

Sometimes, the word-play that comes to my mind can be a dangerous thing... especially if I actually act on the thoughts. For a bit of background, First I must tell you a bit more about how my mind works:

The Rules of interacting with me:
~You must know that Every word said can and does have more than one meaning.
~ You must know that I WILL Use every meaning possible to the most humorous advantage.
~ I Love to engage others in getting their mind to grasp this word-play.
~ I Love to give. If You mention something you wish to have, get, acquire, or need, You Just might find that I will give you what you said you wanted... BUT Often, It will not be as You thought, but it will be what My Mind twisted it into.

An Example of how this works:
Back in 2005, I got my job at Domino's Pizza as a delivery driver. Since my manager was always stuck inside, she could not run and get a snack, beverage, cigarettes, etc while she was working. I could easily stop anywhere and bring back what she needed. I often asked as I headed out on a run "Is there anything you need, or want?" More times than not, her reply was "A Million Dollars On An Ice Cream Cone!" This was always good for a laugh, since she definitely would love to have a Million Dollars, And What could possibly be better than  having that on an ice cream cone? It was flip, funny, and pretty much left ya knowing there was nothing you could do about that, but laugh, and carry-on.

But with my mind, there most certainly was something I could... And Would Do about that.
After more than a year of hearing this, I finally delivered it to her on Christmas Morning. How, you might ask did I come up with "A Million Dollars on an ice cream cone"? Think a bit differently... Play with the way the words sound, Not how they are spelled.

I went to the craft-store, bought a huge bag of white, curly doll hair. Then I went to The Ben n Jerry's Ice Cream, and bought The biggest Waffle-cone they sold. Just the cone. I went home, got out my glue-gun, and got creative. On Christmas Morning, with her family, I presented her with this gift. She opened the box, took one look, and died laughing. She was laughing so hard, she could not say a word. ALL of her family looked on in bewilderment. The family consisted of her husband, two daughters (aged 10 and 12), and her mother. Every one of these people had heard her say the same thing I had heard about what she wanted. They each looked at this gift in the box, and did not get it. She still could not speak, since she was laughing so hard, so I tried to explain the gift. I told them "What does She Always Ask for?" Even though every one of them knew the answer, they did not connect the word-play. They each repeated the same phrase "A Million Dollars on an Ice Cream Cone", Yet still did not catch it.

How About You?? Have you connected it yet? Remember: Play with the words, ignore the spelling...
"A Million Doll-Hairs on an Ice Cream Cone"

So, with this in mind, Now back to the Mac Computer...

I Teased my friend that I had an idea, but I could not give her any hints. I went about the process of building a Mac Computer... and was determined to do it for less than $20.

First stop: The Grocery store...

Buy a variety of pasta. (starting to see where I am going with this?) :)
Get out your glue gun, and start building.

 Start by building a sturdy base, and the lid with a screen. Lasagna is good for this :)
Now that you have your base, and screen, 
You will need a hinge, and a keyboard.
Lay-out the hinge with large Rigatoni noodles.
Start lining up the keys of the keyboard with Large Shells.

Notice how fragile the material is... you will likely find many cracks.
This is not a concern, just add more glue! :)

Add the finishing touches to The Keyboard, 
And add a Touch-mouse-pad, too!

 To make the hinge functional, alternate the pieces... Three on the lid, three on the base. (be sure to elevate them enough, so when it is closed, the raised keys have space, and are not crunched.)
Now, Connect the hinge:
Place the lid on the Base. Line-up the hinge, and insert heavy Spaghetti noodles as a pin.
 Now, add some decorative finishes.
 Make a fun pattern on The Lid. (Nobody wants a boring Mac Book!)

This is her, receiving her New Mac Computer! 

The one on the left shows the lid.
The one on the right shows the finished Mac Book... And Her grin!

I Absolutely Love giving! I love it even more, when it is exactly what was asked for, yet with a twist! So, How about you... What Do You Want? Be careful what you ask for... You Just might get it! ~=:-)