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Naked Memorial Day, Part 4:

Naked On the Roof For Memorial Day, Part4... Or Red-Head Pizza Delivery Girl Thrills? :)

“That Is Not My Hand You are Shaking!”
Poor Melissa, the Pizza-delivery trainee got more than she ever expected on her first day of delivering pizzas, when she suddenly found herself on our rooftop, surrounded by naked people… and found her hand on my penis (accidentally, of course…)  Sometimes, living a naked lifestyle,  can have unexpected events happen…

Memorial Day 2006 was one of my absolute favorite days ever! I was living in Charlottesville, Virginia. The opportunity to spend an entire day naked on the rooftop of our apartment building presented itself, so we had an impromptu naked party on our rooftop.

This is the fourth part in this series about our Naked On The Roof For Memorial Day. The background, and what led us here are quite detailed, and happened over the 7-months prior to this wonderful day. I cannot briefly summarize all that happened to get us here, or even briefly summarize what took place during this day. But you can see those details for yourself in these blogs I wrote previously: (or just keep scrolling, and each will be below this one.)

A Short Summary:
This writing picks up where the third part left off. The people up on our roof are:  Myself (a 38-year old, always naked, and willing to share, explore, and learn as I go.) Sandy (My mostly modest, and semi-shy 42-year old best friend and neighbor,  who decided to enjoy semi-nakedness in public  for the first time today, plus allowed me to completely shave her entire body while up here.) Jill (a barely 18-year-old nudist  who happened to knock down most of my barriers, and get into my world in a Very Sensual way, plus someone I allowed to do things with me I thought I would never allow a female to do again.) Two neighbor college girls (both experimenting with nakedness, comfort levels, and freedom.) Lucy (a 22-year old architect student and nudist, who used today to bravely declare her naked lifestyle to her Dad, then He later returned with Her family.) Lucy’s Dad (who showed up earlier in the day to be surprised to find Daddy’s Little Girl Naked on a rooftop with other naked people.) Lucy’s Mom (who had shunned nakedness, and tried to discourage Lucy’s nudity as a child.) And Lucy’s Little Brother (Who had just turned 16, had most of the body of a man, but some parts were still very much “little boy” who was not at all ashamed of his unbalanced body, and eagerly spent as much of life openly naked as possible.) We had created a fountain and pool up on our roof for the day, plus many rather exciting events happened in that pool (All of these events are written about in great detail in the previous posts about This day.)

Next door to our roof was a Sorority House which also had a naked party planned for the girls, and their entire families for today. They planned a formal event for this evening, but decided to have a freedom day before the evening event. Their entire third-floor, and balcony were right next to our rooftop. We were already comfortable neighbors, and knew the others well, so we literally shared our naked party, them on their balcony, and inside fully visible windows, us on our roof. All of us were safe, comfortable, accepting, and welcomed any who also shared this freedom. For some it was a new experience, and for others it was very routine and comfortable.

This part picks up where Lucy’s Family had arrived, the first slightly awkward moments of how to interact when hanging out with naked people for the first time were overcome, and Lucy’s Dad had ordered pizza for all of us to enjoy. We ordered the pizzas from Domino’s, because I happened to work there, and We already knew the delivery driver was quite comfortable delivering to us while we were naked. (But we did not know that today, there would be a new trainee coming along with her.)

Waiting for Pizza:
While waiting for pizzas to be delivered, Lucy took her family over to her towel area. The family had also brought some towels to lounge on. They spread some out under one of the shade awnings, and chatted eagerly. From all indications, her Mom really was comfortable around nakedness. We kept the water spray going to help make it so they could chat more comfortably without us hearing everything they said.
Of course, the pool was filling up nicely, so we went back into it to enjoy that for a while. With Lucy's family here, we kept our hands to ourselves this time… at least for now.

We continued to enjoy our fountain/ pool creation. It was amazing how easily such a simple set-up could make everyone forget any troubles we had in our lives. It did not take long for the two girls who had kept randomly covering their breasts to completely throw their bikini tops aside, instead of always keeping them nearby or quick grab-and-cover when they suddenly felt like covering up again. It seemed they enjoyed the company of having Lucy’s little brother up here. He was closer to their age, and they looked at him totally unashamedly naked, and decided to be fully freely naked while he was around. He was not near them, but was smiling, and flirting with them from across the roof. They enjoyed his attention.

Sandy seemed to forget about remaining even slightly covered. She still wore her skirt, and her top, but never seemed to even notice when she was visible or not. (This was the total purpose of why I cut and created these clothes for her… simply so she could feel naked, but still have the ‘security’ of having a little bit of cover.) She embraced the feeling of still wearing some clothes, thus not actively running around in public naked, but at the same time, not at all hiding, or covering anything. She was totally enjoying the feeling and freedom of all the sensations that come with nakedness, plus a newly bare (shaved) body from nose to toes. As the breeze, sun, or water would freely caress any bare part, she would grin, and even allow herself the freedom in our company to touch, and feel these new sensations.

Jill was interacting quite a bit, still very shy in speaking, and not really seeking attention. She knew everyone fully-enjoyed, and was mesmerized by her rich, dark, silky, luxuriant skin. She knew everyone was looking, admiring, and enjoying how beautiful her skin was. Even for those who would never touch another, when with Jill, her skin was inviting of touch, and for those she was comfortable with, she welcomed this. She interacted more with her eyes, smile, and touch. She hardly spoke a word, but she was comfortable up here. We all accepted Jill as a quiet, shy, sensual person. We knew if anyone spoke too much to her, she would want to flee. Jill was very open however with the way she did communicate, and how she allowed others to communicate with her. Jill knew about feel, touch, and sensuality. Those she wished to touch never were offended, or in any way wished she would not. She knew how to feel what others were feeling through closeness, snuggles, touch, and looking into their eyes. And up here, this was a very comfortable place for her. She never once looked as if she wished to flee.

Lucy and Her Family:
We had not heard, nor tried to hear what Lucy and her family were discussing. Of Course, Lucy and Her Brother were completely naked. Her Dad had stripped to only his swim trunks (and I was thrilled they were actual swim trunks, not baggy pants that came to the middle of the calf!), and Her Mom had removed her shirt and shorts. She came wearing a one-piece swim-suit with a modesty-skirt attached. She still looked a bit self-conscious about what was visible.

Our Pizzas Arrive:
Our Pizzas arrived, and Laura, (my regular delivery driver) eagerly marched right on up to the roof without any hesitation. 
As she emerged, we saw a wide-eyed delivery driver in training right behind her. Laura was completely used to seeing some of us naked, but her poor trainee looked as if she had never before seen a naked person! Laura did not pre-warn her that this was often a naked apartment building, nor that when delivering in a college town, you would often see naked people! The poor girl got quite the shock. She had not expected to see many naked, and a few partly naked people on our roof, nor was she expecting to see all the naked families next door at The Sorority House.

Lucy’s Dad immediately took the pizzas before she had a chance to drop them. The poor girl was so flustered. Laura immediately came and gave me a big hug, not caring one bit that I was dripping wet and fully naked! She happily got wet, too, in this heat. Laura also greeted Sandy and Lucy by name, then looking at Jill asked with sparkle in her eye, who the “new girl” was. She was clearly admiring Jill’s beautiful skin as she asked. I introduced Jill and Laura. Jill surprised all of us by stepping up and shaking Laura’s hand, even looking into her eyes, not at all seeming shy.

This is Not our delivery girl... But You get the idea :)
The trainee was a spirited, maybe 19 or 20 year old Red-head. Even with her nervousness about suddenly seeing all the naked people, she had a bright, cheery, friendly face, and a personality that was radiant. (As is true with most red-heads. Have I mentioned I absolutely LOVE Red-heads? I DO! ~Grin!!) Her red hair was pulled up into as tidy a pony-tail as could be done with wild red hair, and dancing wildly out from under her Domino’s cap. The trainee was very nervous, and did not know what to do, where to look, or how to react. I gave her a cold bottle of water, and she almost dropped it while trying to take it, because she was so overwhelmed by all of this. Laura was known for helping to put people at ease (of course After she initially gave her the shock!), So she took the trainee by the hand, and led her to the other edge of the roof. From where they stood, and where they were facing, Laura pointed out the rest of the college campus, plus the mountains across the valley. From our rooftop, Laura was able to point out all the key buildings of The University, which were all part of our delivery area.

Calming the Fear of Naked:
As long as nobody has done anything wrong, or offensive involving nakedness, it usually does not take much to distract someone who has seen naked people, and is not sure how to react. I noticed the trainee was looking quite a bit more relaxed, and not like she was overwhelmed, so I walked over closer to where they stood, still not quite joining them, so she could see I was not a threat, nor forcing nakedness on her. As I walked over, I could hear Laura explaining the ways of not being shocked when she saw a naked person. She explained about how many different, and possibly shocking, things she would see while delivering in this town. She explained about naked people and their lifestyle. She was doing a great job. Laura totally understood this lifestyle. She explained that it is totally OK, even acceptable, expected, and welcomed to look, admire, watch, and learn. She explained that it is no different than when interacting with people who happen to be wearing clothes, with the exception that most naked people are comfortable, confident, real, and safe. She explained the difference between naked as a simple lifestyle choice to live without clothes, and those who are naked only to attract attention. She explained how a simply naked person is wonderful, because there is no deceit, pretending, or anything to hide.

Learning to Look at Naked People:
As Laura was explaining all of this to her trainee, you could see the girl cautiously looking around, glancing over her shoulder, noticing each naked person, and learning that it really was OK!  You could see the look of slight worry with each first glance. Then you saw the look of relaxed, yet slightly-guarded curiosity, and finally the look of acceptance at what she was seeing. She slowly allowed herself to freely look, even allowing herself to look up and down each person, lingering on parts she otherwise would have been afraid to even notice. She allowed herself the freedom to freely look, not feeling guilty, shameful, or somehow like she was doing something wrong by seeing a naked person… let alone dozens of all ages, shapes, and sizes. She allowed herself to even grin occasionally as she looked, admired, and understood. Her grin, curiosity, and actions were those of a child who was finally allowed to something they had never before been allowed to look at.

I had stood near them, not yet introducing myself. I was admiring watching Laura help her with the new views of life. I also was totally admiring this trainee’s beautiful spirit, her red-hair blowing in the breeze, and her freckled face glowing in the sun. The trainee knew I was important enough to warrant a hug from Laura, yet did not know anything about me. She was looking at me as much as she was looking at the others, yet her gaze would linger, she would grin a bit more, and her eyes would get wider each time she glanced at my penis, and noticed I was completely shaved. I stood close enough so she knew I was going to come over, yet far enough that she knew I was waiting for her to feel comfortable. She was getting used to allowing herself long looks at those who were further away, yet only “sneaking” glances toward me, because I was closer, and easily could see where she was looking. I was the closest naked person to her. She looked differently at me than any of the others, for a couple of reasons. She knew I was watching her as she looked. She also could tell I admired her, too. With me, she would glance quickly, grin, get wide-eyed, then look away. Then the next glance would be more purposeful to “sneak” a look at a different part of my naked body. Each time she looked, she had the look of a child finding a guilty thrill with every glance. Then, Laura started talking with me, pretty much ignoring her trainee. Laura knew how to cut her loose, and let her find her own level of comfort.

I walked over next to Laura, (right next to the trainee) giving the trainee a smile, and letting her know I was comfortable with whatever level of comfort she chose. I had my back to the trainee, and watched the grin on Laura’s face as she watched her trainee’s antics behind me. The trainee was clearly admiring, and checking out every inch of my body from behind while I was not facing her. The look on Laura’s face was that of amusement, and enjoying the new-found freedom for this girl to be so close, and allowed to look, enjoy, and learn about a naked man. Watching Laura’s eyes, I could tell what the new girl was doing behind me, plus I could see part of her movement in my peripheral vision. She was very interested in seeing every part of me, even bending down, looking through my legs from behind. This was amusing for both Laura and myself. I glanced at the others on the roof, and they, too were enjoying this Red-heads antics, and how far she was stretching, bending and looking to see every detail. I decided a good time to turn around to “meet” her was when she was craning her neck around my torso to see the front view. She was bent slightly, and attempting to see a full-view of my front-side, so as I turned, her face was literally inches from my penis. She jumped upright again, almost seeming “caught” peeking. Laura and I just chuckled. The trainee noticed I was not horrified, not worried about how she was “peeking”. She looked a tad embarrassed, but allowed herself to again freely look me up and down.

Meeting Me:
As is usually the case when a person discovers how truly safe, comfortable, and welcoming a simply naked person can be, they let some of their walls down. After a few moments of letting her look at me while I was not facing her, then turning to face her, catching her off-guard, I decided it was time to introduce myself. I had already seen her name tag, so I knew her name was Melissa. When she allowed her eyes to meet mine again, she was grinning hugely. She did not turn away, or even shift her eyes. She was comfortable in allowing herself the closeness of a naked man, but now seemed very eager to actually meet me. I said, “Hi Melissa, I am Jon.” As I shook her hand, she looked into my eyes, then at my hand, then again at my penis, her grin never changing. (If Jill had not been so good at helping me with closeness, I likely would have been uncomfortable at how intent Melissa was and how close she was, and how she studied me, but instead I welcomed it.)  While still holding my hand, she looked up at me, and asked “how did you know my name?” I smiled and pointed at her name tag. While Smiling, I told her, “Your Boob Told Me.” (She did not wear her name tag above her breast, she wore it On her breast, and she was not at all small in that area, so it stuck out most visibly. I am sure she just never thought about whether to place it above, or on.) She looked embarrassed. She still held my hand, and seemed to not want to let go. But totally embarrassing her was not what I had planned, and she looked like she felt as if she had just made the biggest fool of herself. She was now looking at her feet. I took my other hand, lifted her chin, and told her it was OK. I told her I knew she had a lot on her mind, and she did nothing wrong by not knowing I had seen her name tag. She still looked like she felt she had just blundered beyond repair. She still held my hand, but I was not so sure she even realized she was. Sometimes, someone says something which embarrasses themselves, or they feel they did something dumb, and no words can fix it. I wanted her to relax, not be worried about a blunder, or in any way feel she made a foolish mistake. I wanted her to know she was safe with me, and she had not blundered, nor did I feel she was dumb. I knew we would work together, and wanted her to feel confident and comfortable, not like she had to prove she wasn’t dumb. I also could tell she was the type that was still learning how to get along socially, and would let small blunders worry her if they were not made better immediately. I could tell enough about her that she was no longer worried about seeing, or even being close to Me while I was naked, and could tell she would not be offended by a hug, so I hugged her. She welcomed it, and having seen Laura hug me did not seem to worry about a naked hug.

~~ SENSUAL ALERT!~~ part of my learning to accept myself includes some Sensuality, Exploring, learning, and discovering.  The following DOES Include much detail about Sensual touch, exploration, learning, and discovery. These details are important in sharing the events of this day. Until the writing of this blog about this Memorial Day, I Have  Never Before felt comfortable in disclosing ANY details about parts of my life. Part of the reason I started blogging was to explore what makes me who I am, understand, and accept Every detail of what makes Me a unique human. Not only is this writing the first I have ever felt safe, comfortable, and willing to divulge so many “secrets” about my life, It is also a huge weight lifted off my heart. Learning to allow others to know what I would never before discuss is an amazing feeling. Yet, at the same time, it is also a huge risk. But, I am finally at a point in my life that I am learning to accept WHO I Am. I do not write any of this to attract attention, or to be in any way graphic about activities, feelings, or interactions between myself and other humans. I write, because these vents are important, have helped shape, created, and form who and what I am. Events such as these are an important part of helping me to finally accept my life. The following contains many sensual, stimulating, and often embarrassing situations. IF You Are Offended by anything sensual, offended by descriptions about The human body, the feelings, or explorations of the human body, Then by all means… DO NOT READ The Following!
However, If you are not sure, or you might be curious, Please, Come, Enter with an Open Mind (or Closed-eyes) and learn more about me. Who knows, you might learn about yourself at the same time. While the following does not contain ANYTHING SEXUAL, It DOES include much that causes arousal, and how we deal with it. Please, read with an open mind, or do not read… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(That is Not My Hand You are Shaking):
As I hugged her, and moved the hand she was holding out from between us, she let her grip go, while her hand was still in between us. I moved my now-free arm around her to give her a proper hug. She was not sure where to move her hand as she let go of mine, and it fell between us. She leaned in to accept the full-hug. Her hand got sandwiched literally between my penis and her stomach. She did not realize this at first. I did not worry about it, because to me it did not matter. Hands often touch where a person did not intend, and it’s just not a big deal. I Knew she was not trying to grope me, and she still was not even aware where her hand was. She was definitely pressing into me, and eager to have the hug, so I did not back up to give space where her hand was. I told her to relax, be comfortable, and not worry too much. She was a sweet girl, and other than worrying about blunders, was already comfortable with me. She sighed, and thanked me. Then she moved her sandwiched hand a bit, and realized where it was. She stopped moving her hand, and looked up into my eyes, but she did not try to quickly pull her hand away. She just left it there, but the look in her eyes was asking if this was alright, or of not knowing what to do about it. I just told her “accidents happen”. I still held her, and she accepted. She relaxed as she realized I was not offended, nor had she done something horrible. She was happy to remain in the hug, and even as she relaxed, she did not move her hand out, or attempt to hide that her hand was on my penis. Then realizing I was not offended, and found it quite welcome, myself, she took the opportunity as it presented itself. She turned her hand around, and whispered an eager, yet slightly afraid question of “Can I?” In answer, I just wriggled myself in her hand just a bit, instead of pulling away. She was comfortable, and I did not feel one bit offended, or unsafe with her. I then told her she could move it if it made her uncomfortable, but I was not offended. I told her sometimes we feel another unintentionally, but also those unintentional feels can be some of the most valuable. I told her those that are unintentional can show a lot about another person, and help you to learn what is good, and what is not.

She gently held me, allowing her fingers to not so much feel my parts, but more to feel what a shaved person felt like. I told her as long as she was gentle, she was welcome to place her hand anywhere she wished as long as she was not mean about it. I backed up a tiny bit to give her the option of removing her hand. Instead, she totally relaxed, looked up, got a mischievous, yet curious smile, asked if I really did not mind. I told her she could leave it as long as she did not molest me. She giggled at that. Laura heard this, looked down between us, and grinned. 

By now, I was very comfortable with having someone else’s hand on me. This was the third person today, and each one was equally safe, comfortable, and not in any way threatening. Laura was still right next to us, trying not to look at what Melissa’s hand was doing, but of course she looked. Melissa was doing exactly what I considered safe, comfortable, gentle, and curious.  What started as an accidental touch, became an opportunity neither of us would have allowed otherwise. Her touch was not that of groping, or to get a quick feel. She was feeling as if she was truly curious about how I felt. From her touches, she also seemed like this was not only her first time seeing naked people publicly, but I guessed she had never before touched a naked person at all. She most definitely was not trying to give me a reaction, and her touch was very delicate, curious, slightly timid, and cautious. She said thank you very faintly, then put her head back against my chest. She allowed herself the freedom to explore, and be free, letting her fingers go where they easily went. She was very timid in how she touched, how she allowed her fingers to explore, and seemed to wish to not only touch, but enjoy the opportunity to learn, explore, and understand. She moved her other hand down and allowed herself to explore my butt and underneath, also being timid, cautious, curious, and gentle. 

She of course caused a reaction. As she felt this happen, she stopped moving her hand, and her eyes got wide. After a couple of seconds, she slowly allowed her hand to move some more. She looked up again with eyes curious if this was alright. I must have had a good look in my eyes, because she just smiled, and continued a bit more. It seemed this was the first she had ever done any of this, and so she was definitely gentle, and allowed herself to explore very timidly not aggressively. She was curious about so many things, and seemed delighted to be allowed to learn freely. I was not so sure either of us wished to let everyone else on the roof know how much more was in our hug. After another moment, she let go of the hug, and only stepped away a tiny bit, but enough for anyone to see what had happened. 

I decided I could not hide it, nor with all that had happened up here today, did I feel I needed to. She did not look embarrassed, or now the least bit flustered. But she had a very pleased look on her face. Laura looked me up and down, too, then took my hat off my head, reached between us, and hung my hat on my reaction. Sweet, I got a hat rack! Laura’s grin grew a bit as she looked at my hat hanging there. Melissa now looked up and down my body again like she had before she embarrassed herself. Her look lingered on my hat mostly, and her smile grew into a grin. Her look and grin were not one of “Look what I did”, but more of admiring what she could not see, but had felt moments before. (This, too, is just another part of finding comfort in living a naked lifestyle. For many, the opportunity to be allowed to freely view another without the shame, guilt, or feeling like they have to sneak a peek is a new experience. As much as I absolutely hate anybody paying attention to any detail of my body, I also feel very comfortable when it is done in the right way. The way this was done today was absolutely the right way.) But she did not just look there. She continued to look with very intent curiosity at my entire body, not saying a word. 

I asked her if she was OK. That prompting was all she needed. She immediately started gushing excitedly about how wonderful, exciting, and fun it was to see a man completely shaved from nose to toes. She blurted out how fun it was to see, touch and be with a completely shaved, naked man, and all the naked people! Melissa was so excited, and happy to have the freedom, and for it to be completely acceptable to actually look, and not have it be a guilty thing, or like she was looking at something dirty. This gave me a chuckle. After many long glances at me, she eventually looked out at the others again. She allowed her gaze to linger on each of them, much in the same way. She looked back at me, and told me how strange, yet wonderful this was to be among so many people who were naked, yet none of them were naked to attract attention, or to make anyone uncomfortable.

How Well Do You Know Him?:
Melissa noticed nobody was trying to attract attention, and even when each saw her looking, they did not act any different. She asked Laura what mine and her connection was, since it was clear we were close, comfortable, and safe. I let Laura decide if she would reveal we worked together, or not. She chose to not tell Melissa I was a coworker. Laura simply told her that she, too, would get to know me much better soon enough. This left Melissa a bit puzzled. (Laura and I both knew how fun this would be when she first saw me at work, in my uniform, working beside her, after first meeting and getting to know me while I was naked. Melissa glanced again at my body, and hanging hat, grinning. By now, her walls had almost totally come down. She looked at Laura and teasingly asked if She had ever touched my bare (meaning hairless) body. Normally, Laura is not easily embarrassed, but this one caught her off-guard. It was Laura’s turn to be flustered, and not sure how to respond. With a straight face, I told Melissa that, No, Laura had not touched me at all, other than an occasional hug while I was naked. Melissa was feeling especially playful, so teasingly asked Laura, “What happens during those Hugs?” Laura looked a bit jealous, and told her, “Unlike you, I have Only hugged him. Both of my arms went around him, not in between us.” Laura seemed a bit jealous, but was having fun with her answer, teasing Melissa. Melissa grinned, knowing she had touched, explored and learned more about me in the first few minutes of meeting me, than Laura had. Melissa then teased me, asking if I had ever seen Laura naked. Laura and I both told her “No.” Melissa’s red-head personality was showing. She was feeling playful, and asked “Why not?” Laura also had a curious look on her own face which matched that question. She said, “Yes, Why not?”, looking at me, and seeming to expect me to have an answer. I did not have an answer, and Melissa was enjoying this. Melissa was enjoying her new-found freedom, and loving being quite bold about it.

Can I Touch You?:
Melissa knew this was safe place, and almost any topic could be broached. Melissa asked if I ever allowed anyone to touch me, or feel me. She was being playful, since she had first inadvertently already touched me, then knew I accepted, and allowed her to continue. Even though she was asking in a playful manner, she was truly wanting to know more of my thoughts on this. I could tell she was inquiring to truly know more of what my feelings were. She had a curious grin as she asked, but not in any way like she had something to prove. Laura also had a curious grin. I know that grin. It is a grin of entertaining something in your mind, and also the possibility of the person you are asking maybe giving permission to exactly what you hope they will say yes to. I was not embarrassed, thanks to Jill, and this morning with Sandy, too. I was learning how I really could answer the questions people ask without getting totally embarrassed, or feel I could not even talk about some subjects. As long as someone asks in a truly curious way, wanting to learn, understand, and appreciate the person, I will answer the question. I told her, smiling, that I am never offended if someone I trust touches me, as long as it is not done rudely, or to be offensive. I half-expected her to react like that was not what she was expecting, but instead her look was more of curiosity, and wanting to know more about what I really believed. Laura also had the same look. They both had a look of curiosity, wanting to learn, and really wanting to know what I meant about what was acceptable. I told them the difference between groping/ sexual grabbing, verses sensual exploration, mutual trust, understanding, and purely curious exploration. Laura asked specifically about what I thought the difference in a grope and curios exploration was. I told her it is simple: If the person is just grabbing, that is a grope. If it is done as a quick thrill by the one touching, and unwelcome by the other, that would be a grope. But if it is done, and welcomed in a caring, tender, curious way, that is sensual exploration. If that person is feeling, learning, and touching to learn about the way something is, and truly feeling to understand, learn, and know more about that person, how they are shaped, what shaved skin feels like, how it feels if you go in a different direction, what is soft, what is not, what is squishy, what is firm, how those same parts change according to different reactions, how curves flow, how muscles, bones, and tissue all work together, how skin feels, stretches, moves, and how all of the wonders of the body interact, connect, and welcome curiosity, then that is sensual exploration. They both looked like they understood, and seemed to share a smile of understanding.

Laura Likes to Scare Me:
Laura looked at her trainee, and said, “See why I say you will get to know him better? He is open, honest, and welcomes you to ask about his life.” I was now fully relaxed again, and had placed my hat back on my head. As Laura told Melissa this, she playfully said to me, “It looks like you are ready for another hug. She was teasing me, to see if I would allow her (Laura) to give me a reaction. Laura and I had talked a lot at work previously about what I enjoyed and what I did not. Laura had two personalities. The first one scared me. That personality was one of sexual fantasy, torture, and all about sexual power. It was all about leather, straps, and all the things I really do not care for. She knew I was not at all interested in anything sexual, but would tease me about what she would do to me if she ever got the chance. The other personality was one of a gentle, caring, comfortable, loving human. She knew I totally accepted her when she was this one, and did not want anything to do with her when she was in sex-fantasy-mode. Any time she saw me naked, and hugged me, she was the gentle, caring loving human. This time, Laura was grinning as she came to hug me. I asked which Laura was hugging me. She grinned, and told me “Both, but we will be gentle.” She gave me another hug, showing me what she meant by that. As she wrapped her arms around me, she immediately placed both hands firmly on my butt, and pulled me into her pelvis. Then, she teasingly moved her hands under, and between my legs. (I allowed myself to move my legs apart enough for her.) She only explored a moment, but enough to let me know she was curious about what I would allow. She did exactly that… just explored a moment, but in doing this, she also showed me that she knew more about some parts of my body than I had learned about myself. She managed to touch places that I never knew could be so sensitive, and cause almost instant reaction. She was showing me that I also could learn plenty from her touches, too. After only a moment, she then moved her hands back to my butt again. Her hands were not at all like she was going for a quick thrill, or just a grab, but truly in wanting to feel what I felt like, explore the places she was curious about, and not attempting to be mean, or uncomfortable. She could tell I was not offended, yet at the same time she had gotten me more curious, too. I could tell from her question that she was truly curious, and looking for the right way to go about it, cautiously not wanting to cross any boundaries, or put any walls up between us, yet also opening more possibilities for later curiosities. She knew to just explore a tiny bit, so as to now push me away. She had succeeded in giving me a reaction, too, which she fully pushed into with her own pelvis.

Then as Laura released the hug, she gave me a good double-swat on the butt with both hands. She knew exactly what she was doing. That swat was a good sting, but not painful, yet it immediately helped the reaction go away (well, it started the process of it going away… nothing is instant.). I did not mind that at all. As she stepped a couple of feet back, she looked down, grinning. She looked like she wanted to explore some more, but knew it was not the time. She just smiled. Melissa was looking, and smiling, too. The slap on my butt cheeks was loud enough that everyone was now looking. I, of course was not fully back to relaxed yet. I was totally visible to everyone, but did not feel I needed to hide it, since now four of these women had caused this with me today alone, and the rest had seen me react a couple of times today already, none of them having any problem with it, nor had I felt I should hide it, but I still hung my hat on it just to not walk around poking at anyone. The atmosphere on our roof was open, accepting, free, and playful. Jill had a knowing smile (knowing she was responsible for helping me accept and not hide these), Sandy was enjoying watching, and smiling (knowing she had caused the same with me earlier), Lucy was smiling, (because she knew how good this was for me), The two other girls smiled, and enjoyed anything we allowed them to see, Lucy’s parents looked, but did not react, and Her little brother grinned. Melissa looked very pleased to have watched what Laura did. The look on Laura’s face was of pure mischief, and totally proud of herself, yet also showed a satisfied curiosity, a welcomed closeness. Laura looked at her trainee, and said, “I can now answer your question. Yes, I have.” The new girl laughed, then turned to me and teasingly asked if I trusted Her Yet. Before I could answer, Lucy’s Dad came over and paid her for the pizzas.

Earning Tips:
He made sure to tip her very well. She was amazed at how much he tipped. He told her that as long as she treats her customers right, she will always make great tips. She thanked him, smiling hugely. Then after he walked away, she looked at Laura, for approval. Laura told her he was right. Melissa still did not know I was a coworker, but I told her that if she accepts every customer for who they are, and acts like they are the most important thing, she will always make tons of tips every day. I told her she would see people in every stage of dress, undress, and often in the middle of something that could be embarrassing, seem odd, or even look creepy, but if she pretended it was perfectly acceptable, and treated them like they are the only reason she is there, she will always make tons in tips. She looked at me again, and asked how I know this stuff. I just smiled, and told her she would soon find out. She looked questioningly at me, but could tell I was not going to reveal any more at the time.

Pizza Girls go for a Swim:
Laura had been looking around at all we had on the roof. She commented about how perfect our set-up was, and asked if I minded if they hung out. I told her they were more than welcome to stay. Melissa looked puzzled, because she knew they already had lingered a long time up here, and knew they were supposed to be working. Laura told her it was not a busy delivery day, and they had plenty of time to relax.  She asked the new girl if she wanted to “go for a swim”. She did not at first realize Laura meant naked. She looked at the fountain/ pool set-up, and asked if I could turn off the hose, so she could wade in, and not get her uniform wet. I knew Laura was planning to strip, but also wanted it to be comfortable for the Melissa, so I told her I would turn it off.

Laura asked if she would play in the water, in the “fountain” if she did not have to worry about her uniform getting wet. She did not yet grasp what Laura meant, and asked Laura, slightly skeptical how she could play in a water-spray without getting wet? Laura grinned, and told her she definitely planned on getting wet, but her uniform would remain dry. This sent the poor girl’s mind into a short-circuit. Laura totally knew it would, and was enjoying this. Laura simply took her by the hand, and led her to the edge of the pool, saying “Consider it part of your training. My job is to train you. This is official training material.” The new girl happily went with her, still not yet sure what Laura was up to.

Laura and the trainee removed their caps, shoes and socks at the edge of the pool. They both had a lot of hair, and both removed their ponytails. I’d seen Laura’s hair down many times. Hers was dirty-blonde, very long, fine, and had no fullness to it. Her hair came down below her butt. Melissa’s red-hair was wild, full, and came down to mid-shoulder-blade in the back, and rested on her breasts in the front. They both stepped in, and stopped just at the edge of the spray. Laura stopped just long enough at the edge of the water-spray to strip, throw her clothes outside the water area, and immediately start frolicking in the water! Laura was so quick to strip and play, that Melissa never even got a chance to let her mouth drop… but it did not take long, and her eyes also got wide with surprise. Laura was lying comfortably in the pool, directly under the water spray, looking up at her trainee, and asking if she was going to join her. Laura was completely shaved nose to toes, and the only hair on her body was on her head. As she laid-out in the water, all that long hair floated all around her. Some floated over her front, being long-enough to float over her breasts, and her vulva. It also floated out in all directions all around her, too. This was quite a delightful sight. I do not find naked alone to be at all sexual, alluring, or anything exciting. But Laura and the way she looked, with only the long hair slightly covering her in an alluring way was very sexy. I wondered if I found her sexy because she was such a sexual person, or if it was truly just because the way she looked was sexy.

Poor Melissa’s mind was racing. Here it was her first day on the job, plus her first time being around naked people, you could see how much she wanted to get in the water, but was not so sure. She also stood and admired Laura’s now naked body. I could see from where Melissa’s gaze lingered, then as she looked all around the roof, she was noticing how many had shaved vulvas, how many had unshaved, and how many had artistically shaved ones. She placed her hand on her own vulva (still covered in clothing), seeming to wonder if she would be accepted, or if she should show hers up here. This was normal with first-timers.

Laura told her to just consider it part of her official training, and told her not to worry, she is not doing anything illegal, and won’t get in any trouble. As my hat-rack went away, I left my hat there, anyhow, and I started to enjoy some pizza, and allow the girls their own freedom to play in the water. Melissa looked around a bit, then decided to remove her uniform shirt, and her shorts. She still had on a bright pink tank top, a yellow bra, and her purple tie dyed boy-short underwear. 
These are blue, but imagine Purple :)
As soon as she removed her pants, I knew she was a fun girl (as if I had any doubt, before… did I mention She was a Red-head?~grin!~). Her colors and style of underwear made me smile! I could tell even with her underwear on that she did not trim, or shave her hair. With the boy shorts, no hair was visible, but the fullness in her underwear told me there was a lot of it there! (Although her legs, and underarms were shaved bare, She seemed to choose to shave everywhere except her bikini area. And she also chose to allow that hair to grow full, thick, and wonderful!...And with wild, red hair, I knew it would be bright, thick, wiry, and wonderful to see when she stripped! I find it funny how I seldom am excited to see anyone’s body, or parts of it naked, but one of my greatest joys is to see wild hair, or even better, wild red hair!

Red-head Fantasy:
I again was surprised to find I was reacting, simply at the thought of seeing Melissa’s hair if she removed her underwear. This baffled me, because I was not used to so easily getting a reaction, let alone entertain this sort of “fantasy”. Lucy noticed my gaze, and knowing my love of seeing full, wild hair in a bikini area, And knowing my love of Red-heads, looked at me, and with a grin, said “Gonna wear your hat low for a while?” She fully knew, and was able to tease me accordingly. Because she was able to tease me in this way, she also showed me she understood about my reaction, and that it was nothing to be ashamed of. Melissa heard Lucy, looked at me, and said “You can take your hat off. I do not mind.” She looked down at her underwear and then back at me. She grinned, knowing I was reacting because of what she might show, and also looked a slight bit embarrassed. I was slightly embarrassed, too. I am sure if she had just stripped, I would not have reacted. But the teasing, alluring way she kept herself a mystery was, to me, more sexy than just naked could ever be. Her tank top hardly contained the bra, and her breasts. She was definitely not lacking up there. She felt confident that this was all she would remove, and started to enter the water-spray. As she did, she realized if she got her underwear and bra wet, then put back on her uniform, she would have big wet spots obvious on her uniform. She was not so sure she wanted to bare everything, but she wanted to get wet.

My Turn to be Visible:
I got up and went to turn off the spray to make it easier for her. I was going to leave my hat on the hat rack, but Jill reached over and took my hat as I got up. I knew Jill never intended harm, or embarrassment, and actually, I felt relieved. It was weird, but comfortable. I would have left my hat covering me, but since I was not the one who removed it, it somehow made it OK. Melissa was watching (and of course, so was everyone!) I felt I should be mortified walking across the roof with a reaction, but that is the one thing these people and living here had done for me: Helped me accept more of who I am, what my body did, and not be mortally embarrassed when others accepted me. I continued to go to the hose nozzle, and turn it off. Melissa realized I was doing this to help her, and came to give me another hug.

Am I making a Fool of Myself?:
Melissa seemed more relaxed when with me than alone. She asked if she was making a fool of herself in how she was not already naked. I told her we all had human tendencies, so that was what we do naturally. She laughed and relaxed some more. I asked her if she wanted to be in the water. She said she did. I asked her if she was embarrassed to be seen naked. She said she had never been seen by anyone naked before, and did not know how. I assured her she did not need to get naked, and should only get naked if she felt comfortable in doing so. She took this opportunity to ask me exactly what I saw in her that made me react so much. Surprisingly, I was not embarrassed by this question. I told her how much I loved red-heads, how much the allure of what was not yet visible in her underwear, yet was obviously wild, full, and would be delightful to see stirred more of a reaction than if she had just stripped. She smiled, but also looked a bit embarrassed, too.

“How Can a Bare Person Love Hair?":
Then she asked why I would love hair, since I am shaved bare? I told her that I liked myself to be bare, and enjoyed others bare, too, but absolutely loved to see others with hair, especially if it was full, and wild in the bikini area. She looked up at me, and said “The hair is the whole reason I am afraid to be naked. Everyone up here has either no hair, or is artistically trimmed.” I told her that hers was artistically trimmed, too. She asked what I meant, since she still had not shown it at all. I asked if I could show her. She grinned, and nodded. I traced the outline of her underwear, and showed her there was no hair outside of her underwear. I also traced along her thighs, and around her butt. She giggled as I did this, and welcomed my touch. I told her: “See? No hair here.” I retraced around her underwear, allowing my fingers to go inside, feeling the hair teasing hiding inside the edge of the underwear. I told her, “See? Hair is here. It is artistically trimmed.” She welcomed my fingers entering in, and teasingly playing in her hair, slightly tugging on her waistband. Beneath her underwear, not only did I tease myself by tugging outward, and peeking in, but also, she was enjoying this, too. Peeking inside her underwear not only revealed how vivid and wild all that red hair was, but also her skin was milky-white and the wild, vibrant, red hair stood-out almost like a beacon. As I teasingly pulled on her waistband, I could see visible tan lines. Her torso and legs were tanned, but the underwear seemed to match exactly the same as her swimwear, leaving very solid tan lines. Her untanned skin was so brightly white, freckled, and an amazing background for all that wild red hair that she was hiding!

Trail Adventure:
As I traced just below the waistband, I noticed a small trail of hair up from her bikini area to her belly button. This hair was very fine, and very thin, but also vividly bright red! I was absolutely loving this! I traced it up to her belly button, then back down again.  As I traced it up from her bikini to her belly button again, I also lifted the tank so I could follow it. As I lifted her tank top a bit, I saw the fine-line of hair continued upward, so I lifted the tank some more to see where it went. It continued up between her breasts. As I lifted the tank, and it reached her bra, she lifted her arms, showing me she was allowing me to completely remove her tank top. As I removed her tank top, I could clearly see she had shaved her armpits. I tossed the tank top outside the pool area, so it would be dry. I took my hands to her armpits, traced them and said, “Yup! None there, either! You are artistically trimmed, perfectly suited to match your own personality.” She asked if I liked the hair I discovered on her torso, too. I totally enjoyed any hair I discovered on her! There is just something about red hair that drives me wild! It was a very fine trail, but as vividly red as the hair on her head, and the hair hidden in her underwear. I traced it again. This time I went from her belly button up to where it disappeared under her bra. I teasingly tugged outward on the center of her bra, looking for more hair. She laughed and said “You found the end of the trail.” Even though there was no more hair to discover, I was able to discover that her breasts were also milky-white, untanned, and covered in freckles.

Under There… Under Wear?:
I traced it back down to her underwear. As I got to the waistband, I teasingly tugged outward to see more of her wild red hair down there. 
This time, she teasingly said, “The trail definitely continues down there!” I turned her around, and teasingly tugged outward on the back of her underwear. She teasingly said, “Nope not there, but somewhere between the front and the back.” But in tugging at the rear of her underpants, I could see how beautiful, and milky-white, with bright freckles her butt was! She was in a very playful mood, and happy to tease me, too. I was not complaining. I was beyond happy at the thrill she was giving me. Yet, I was not the only one getting a thrill, and enjoying this curiosity. She wriggled, and welcomed every touch. I allowed my fingers to trace and follow the natural curves, and hairlines, finding where the hair stopped, and tracing it to the next place it stopped. I was pleasantly surprised to find that touching her, exploring her, and the teasing did not cause me to react. But every time I glimpsed some of her red hair, I got a reaction. There was something about the allure created by only seeing glimpses of that wild red hair I found very arousing. She watched, and noticed this, too. I am pretty sure I did not neglect any part of her that had hair, making sure I could accurately show her she did not have too much hair. I traced back up her torso, up to, and around, and in her belly button.

Hairy Boobs?:
After making sure I did not miss any, I then moved on up to where the hair trail disappeared under her bra, again. She was very comfortable, and seeming to not worry about anyone looking at her now. As I got there, she turned around, and asked me to remove her bra. I could tell she was ready to try another level of naked freedom. I asked if she was ready to be topless? She grinned, and nodded. I removed her bra, and tossed it outside the pool. She turned to allow me to look for hair. Of course, her hair from her head hung low enough, that it rested on her breasts. Her breasts were milky white, and freckled, and completely hairless, but in the teasing, playful mood we had created, I told her I loved her hairy boobs. She at first looked concerned, then looking down realized I was just playfully teasing her about how her head hair hung over her boobs.  She teased me then, saying I should make sure it was all only from her head. I really did not care about handling her breasts, so did not remove the hair that was resting on them. But I did happily follow her hair back down again. After following her body, and finding out exactly where there was hair, and where there was not, I assured her nobody would believe she had too much hair, and that it was indeed artistic, and would not frighten anybody, but rather, would be quite a delight.

Too Much Hair?:
She still insisted she had too much hair under her underwear to be naked. I grinned, and told her if she had too much hair, she would need bigger underwear. She laughed at that. Then I assured her how I thought her underwear was just right, and, yes, it showed there was a lot of wild hair, but it certainly was not too much. I had already felt most of it, and had seen glimpses. She definitely had a lot of wild red hair, and it was neatly hidden beneath her underwear. This time, instead of just slightly tugging outward on the waistband, I pulled it out enough for a clear view of all that was hidden. She giggled at this. As I pulled the underwear outward, her hair seemed to come alive, springing outward, and upward from the matted, pressed, contained form it had been in. 
She laughed, then said, “Uh-oh, now you have released it, you will never get it contained again.” Then she said, “You can see more if the underwear is not in the way.” Her grin said she was serious, and ready to be without any clothes. I looked up to be sure she was ready. She smiled, and nodded, moving her own hands to the underwear to help me remove them for her. I knelt down to be able to remove her legs from her underwear, without getting them wet in the process. After successfully taking off her underwear, without getting them wet in the water, I tossed them outside the pool area.

In My Face!:
I was kneeling, so my face was right at her bikini level. She noticed how close my face was to her hair, and laughed, saying, “Well, that is one way to check up close!” I did not pull my face away, but being the smartass I am, said “As long as I don’t get an eye poked-out!” We both laughed at this. I was not at all interested in placing my face in her crotch, but the view I was treated to was quite a delight! She seemed suddenly comfortable in allowing me to so closely explore her. I have never before enjoyed having my face so close to anyone’s crotch, but this was a treat I never could have imagined. Now, there was no hiding such beautiful, vivid, wild, bright, full, red hair. She had wild hair just like Sandy had before I shaved her, except Melissa’s was more wild, wiry, fuller, thicker, and bushier! (And RED! ~Grin!!~ Have I mentioned I love Red hair??) It was beautiful! It was my turn to grin, and look as if I was a child allowed a guilty peek. I watched as all that wild red hair seemed to come to life. Yet, I was not just grinning, I also had a hat rack! (But had no hat to cover with.) She watched, too, and watched my face with all my delight, and watched my reaction. Yes, I know I am weird! I could care less about what was under that hair, or that she was fully naked standing inches in front of me. I was not at all reacting because she was naked, but because of her red hair. I was totally interested in looking at, and admiring all that wild red hair come to life. It was as if it had been freed from a compressed prison, now finding freedom, expanding, un-matting, and seeming to be electrified. She asked if I wanted to place my face in it. I did not. I had no desire for placing my face in her crotch. I looked at the others. Every person up here, and at The Sorority House was admiring her wild red hair. She looked around, and noticed this, too, but did not feel she needed to cover herself. She seemed delighted to finally allow herself this freedom, and grinned as she took it all in.

Now, I Admired Her Body, Too:
Now that she was fully naked, and had no worries about getting any clothes wet, I got up, turned the fountain spray on again, not worrying one bit about who saw my hat rack. I then went and sat in the water under the spray. She came to join me. As she walked over, I admired her full tan lines, which I had only glimpsed before. Her choice of boy-short style  underwear was fitting for her. Her tan line matched exactly the same fit as her underwear, so it was clear that her swimsuit was identical in shape as her underwear, and bra were. The boy-short style was a good fit for her, and very appropriate for the way her body was shaped, and how she covered her hair. Boy shorts allowed her to not have anything binding, or tangling in all that beautiful hair. The boy-shorts were a comfortable way to wear underwear, yet have the freedom for all that hair. Without any underwear on, her butt was also a beautiful sight. Her legs were tan, but her butt was still milky-white. Her butt was a smooth, milky-white color with tons of beautiful, bright freckles! (Have I mentioned I love red-heads?) Her breasts were the same whiteness and freckled as pleasantly as her butt was. Admiring her body was also strange for me. I seldom really looked at what anyone’s body looked like. Sure I noticed, but seldom really studied anyone’s body. My hat rack was not going away anytime soon. Melissa stood in front of me, watching me study her, watching my reaction, and grinned, quite proud to be the reason for my reaction. I was feeling like I should be mortified, but for some reason, I was not. I was safe, comfortable, and even though everyone saw my reaction, they did not look in a way that was uncomfortable. They looked at me in the same way anyone would look at another when simply just wishing to learn about others, not judge them. Today was becoming a whole new chapter in acceptance for me!

Come On In! The Water’s Fine!:
Yellow Bra/ Bikini Top Next to Water

She was still standing in the spray, fully wet, but had not yet decided to get down into the water. Watching her as she allowed the air and water to caress her now naked body was a joy. It is always fun to watch as a newly naked person discovers how much sensation they suddenly feel when they relax outdoors. To see the way they feel the air movements, feel the water movements, and watch I took her hand and guided her to come sit beside me. As she sat in the water, it was a joy to watch her reaction. This was her first time naked outdoors in water, and in open-air. As the water tickled, and moved, she grinned accordingly. Now that I was not staring at her red hair, and in the water, my reaction began to go away. She was watching, enjoying seeing every phase of this.

Floating Free:
I noticed she was grinning as she watched my parts. She looked up, grinning, then back down again. She said, “They float!” I grinned, because I recalled when I first discovered this, too. It is quite fascinating to watch as the body does different things when in water, than out of water. Then she was intently watching my parts float again, so I asked if she was enjoying the view. She grinned, and assured me she was. She told me she never knew they floated, and kept watching. Similarly, I was looking closely at her hair as it began to float free in the water. She noticed this, too, and asked if I was enjoying the view. (We definitely enjoyed teasing each other, and being playful!) Then as she focused more on how the water moved her hair, and how it made her feel, she giggled, and seemed to enjoy the ripples, and how it felt all through her hair, plus everything beneath her hair. As she smiled at this feeling, I told her “See? If You had too much hair, you would not feel what you are feeling right now. She smiled hugely, and looked appreciatively at the movement… both hers and mine. Her hair was wild, slightly rough, very curly, and very long. So in the water, floating free, it was like a stringy-loofah sponge, with a density, and a light-ness all at the same time. The way it glowed brightly in the sunlight made it almost electric. It was like each hair was alive with its own way of moving, feeling, grasping, and touching. She placed her hand under my parts, and let them float in the water in her hand. I placed my hand amidst her floating hair. It was like a million electric wires, each one with a tiny electric-charge, touching me, energizing, tickling, bringing life, and relaxing at the same time. She did not attempt to touch me, or move me, just allowed the water, and natural movements to cause whatever may touch to freely do so. Likewise, I did not attempt to touch her, but allowed the water and natural movements to happen, causing anything that touched to be natural, surprising, and pleasant. We both enjoyed this. As natural pulses, movements, jumps, reactions, and relaxations occurred, we enjoyed the thrills of touching in ways we would not otherwise have felt. We both welcomed, accepting whatever happened, with excitement, anticipation, and freedom causing a sensual experience unlike any other. No hands were guiding, just floating-free, so neither of us knew what was gonna touch, and when.  Neither of us knew what would react, and when, or how. My penis floated, and bobbed. Her hair continued to relax, and float out more wildly. Her hand caressed, teased, and welcomed my floating parts. My hand did similarly with her, even brushing against her vulva. This was different than when I had explored her hair outside the water. Since outside the water anyplace my fingers went was deliberate. But in the water, we both found some of these touches to be momentary, even barely there, and others to be rather sudden, even forced by the waves in the water. As much as we were both enjoying this, I was still needing to eat. I reminded her of this, and she laughed, saying “Yes! You have used a lot of energy this afternoon!” We both laughed. I went to eat, leaving her to enjoy the water.

Giving Freedom Brings Freedom:
As I ate, I noticed she was very relaxed, comfortable, and free. She now seemed proud to allow her red hair to be seen. She was laying on her back, enjoying the water. Because of how she was shaped, she was not submerged at all in the water. Anyone outside of the pool could not see all of her, but they totally could see her vivid, wild, bright red hair freely visible above the surface of the water, seemingly glowing like fire in all wet, and in the sunlight. In contrast, also, her breasts were clearly above the water too seeming like snow reflecting the bright sun. So it looked comically like two snow-white mountains, and a fiery volcano all surrounded by a vast ocean. Today was an incredible day in that I was allowing freedoms, and reactions to be seen by any who happened to be around. (And, now had allowed four different women to fully, freely give me reactions, too!) Before coming to Virginia, I always was ashamed to allow any to be seen, let alone allow another to cause it. Today, I was free. It was one thing to allow someone you trust to give you a reaction inside your own home, but a completely different thing to allow such a freedom on a roof where dozens could see me. By now, everyone up here, and at The Sorority House had seen me react, welcomed it, and not once made me feel uncomfortable. Before today, only a few had seen me react, or watched as I was given a reaction. I had accomplished what I set-out to do in showing Melissa how she could have the freedom in the water. (And boy, did she ever find freedom!)  Both of the girls played, and relaxed in the water for quite a while. She had totally forgotten about trying to hide, and was enjoying the freedom, the water, the sun, and was feeling safe.

Nobody Wants To See My Body:
Eating Pizza While naked
While we ate pizza, and the pizza girls played in the water, Lucy’s Mom had noticed how free, comfortable, and relaxed everyone was. She commented how she felt she was missing out. Lucy playfully asked Her Mom why she wasn’t naked yet. Her Mom said, “Nobody wants to see my body.”
Lucy knew how to handle that. She took her mom’s hand, and playfully said, “You’re Right! Nobody wants to see your body. What we want to see is you comfortable, relaxed, safe, and free! None of us are naked so others can see our bodies. Nobody is up here to either see naked bodies, or to have our bodies seen by others.”
She explained the whole idea behind living a naked lifestyle: It is not about being seen, or to see the body. It is about acceptance, comfort, and freedom. It is about removing barriers, divisions, and tearing down the shame, humiliation, rejection, and judgment. It is about forgetting all the unreasonable reasons our society seems to not want to see people living life, simply, free, and without worry.

Her Mom asked how she had gotten so smart, but still was not ready to get naked. Her Mom said to Lucy, “If I had a body like yours, I would not hesitate to be naked.” Lucy laughed, and said, “You Do! Your body is exactly like mine! See? You have two feet, two legs, a body, two arms, two hands, and a head on top of your shoulders!” This gave everyone a good chuckle.

New Curiosities:
The two delivery girls had satisfied their desire to play in the water, needed to dry off, get dressed, and return to work again. I offered them each a towel. Laura declined the towel, happy to air-dry. Melissa was loving that she had allowed herself the freedom to play naked, but was eager to cover up again. She wrapped the towel around herself, but was in no hurry to dry off. Now she was suddenly curious about all the details about naked freedom, and had lots of questions. While she was still slightly shy about others seeing her naked, she was no longer shy, or embarrassed to look at and learn about others who were naked. She was funny, in the sudden awareness, curiosity, and now not holding back her desire to see, look, learn, ask, and understand.

She was almost like a young child, eager, willing, and happy to take it all in, compare why each was different, how come some had tan lines, and some didn’t, how some had no hair, others had very artistic hair, and so many new and wonderful things to learn and explore. She was amazed at how exciting naked could be when it was not sexual, forbidden, shameful, or something that was supposed to be hidden.

The Right Way to Learn about Naked:
Every one of us on the roof, and at The Sorority House had been in that same spot at one time in our lives. We all understood the joy of freedom, acceptance, and the removal of barriers. Even though she was intently focusing on each of our own naked bodies, and commenting, asking, studying, she did it in the right way. When done right, nobody is offended by someone who genuinely is curious, wanting to learn, and eager to discover new joys in life.

Goodbye, and Back to Work:
When the girls were dry, they got dressed again, combed their hair, and reluctantly headed back to work. Laura thanked me, gave me a hug, and headed toward the stairs. Melissa told me she hoped to see me again. Every one of us on the roof laughed, and assured her that she would definitely see me again. She did not get why this was so funny, and none of us told her yet I was a coworker. Laura and I enjoyed knowing that when I suddenly was working right beside her, she would have a hard time not telling the others at work how she already knew me, and that we had been naked together (and More!) on my roof. As she hugged me and went to leave, I told her she could stop by after work if she wanted. She liked that idea.


This writing is another long one. The events of Memorial Day 2006 in Virginia, were some of the most important events in my entire life. More happened on this day that helped me with discovering who I am, what I feel, and to help me finally accept myself as The Unique Human that I am, than any other day in my entire life. This was the fourth part in a series. It has not been east to write, but very rewarding. Searching the feelings that happened leading up-to, and during this day have been quite an emotional journey. Deciding to reveal so many intimate details about what makes me who I am is not easy. For so many of these details, I have never before told anyone, let alone place them in writing, and even publicly available, too. Until Recently, the thought of ever allowing anyone inside these walls was just not something I was ready to accept. Recently, I have gone down a journey of searching, accepting, and understanding more of what I am. I have had people placed in my life recently that helped me in allowing myself to not only admit, but welcome these events of my past. 

Special thanks, to Caitlin, here in Las Vegas for helping me to find this freedom. She has done this without even trying, just by being the loving, wonderful human that she is. In this writing, I finally begin to open-up about my path of suicide, I freely disclose some activities, feelings, and introduce people from my past I had always kept secret. In writing about my Memorial Day in Virginia, I am finding freedom 6-years later. Caitlin has managed to help me immensely. 

As I finally put into words all those magical events that happened, I find I am able to accept and welcome some of the events happening in my world currently. I also know these writings are immensely long. (Hmm... perhaps I am writing my own book, but just one blog-entry at a time?) If you are one who is interested in learning more about me, or perhaps you are reading my writings to find answers to your own life-journey, or see someone in my world that you can relate to, then you have just discovered why I do this. Yes, I write for myself... but If I can connect, help, or somehow make another human's life better, or more understood, I have doubled my reward in this life.

Eventually, I will wrap-up all the incredible events of what happened on that Memorial Day, Naked on the roof. There will for sure be a part 5, (and, hopefully the fifth part will take us to the end of that day.) but I cannot promise when. Going back, searching so many emotions, and finding a way to put them into words is incredibly difficult. Yes, they are a good thing emotionally. Yes, the freedom it brings is beyond description, and Yes, I am thrilled to be able to finally disclose so many details I have always kept hidden. But at the same time, I feel, I have, for now, spent two months searching how I felt about this one day. I have other thoughts I need to follow. Current activities, and feelings keep flowing, and my mind is saying it needs to move-on from 2006 to 2012.