Saturday, August 18, 2012

What Makes You Feel Naked?

I feel like I left The house naked…
… But I was fully clothed.

Last Sunday, I left my home without my camera. I felt totally naked without it. Most people would feel naked without clothes… Not me. Here is what I wrote while on the bus, feeling so totally naked:
Today, I left home and somehow forgot my camera. How could I forget it?
I have my routines, and always head-out the door following the same steps. But today, only two-minutes after I left, I realized I had forgotten it.

So, only two-minutes out, I could simply go back and get it right? Well, that is the dilemma. Today is Sunday, and the busses run less frequently. I knew if I continued to the bus, I would catch the one I needed. If not, I would be able to catch another… but in 20-30 more minutes.  (Which would mean that once I was downtown, and gonna catch the next bus, I would have missed the one I needed, and the next one would not be along for another 20-30 minutes.)

This decision really tore at me. Getting the right bus, and getting to work with enough time to eat, change clothes, and get a feel of the atmosphere/ mood of the day is such an important part of my peace, functionality, and determines how smooth my day will go.
But at the same time, having my camera, taking pictures, and capturing a part of every day of my life is also very important to me.
I even made sure to pack the specific ducks I had ideas of shooting today.
So, I was torn. Really Torn. Go back, get my camera, but then not have time to take the pictures I had hoped. Or, Leave the camera, catch the bus, and have plenty of time to take pictures, but no camera to take them with.

It really is funny how I feel so naked without my camera. Yet, If were to walk outside without clothes, I likely would not even give it a thought. It is peculiar how we as humans each feel naked differently.
So, Did I continue to the bus and “Go Naked”, or did I go back and get my camera?
I chose to Go Naked. Yup, I went an entire day without my camera.

Shortly after getting to the bus stop, I remembered that my phone has a camera. Hmm, imagine that! A Phone also has a camera. Sorry, for all of you who have those fancy phones, where the camera is an actual working, functioning, quality camera… But my phone is simply just a phone, which happened to have  a camera  also. When ya get a phone for less than 50 bucks, The camera is not really a camera, but it is just a cheap “feature”.  I decided to try a few pictures with it. Yup, it is a very cheap camera. So, I decided I was better off not taking any pictures, than to attempt to capture anything with such poor quality. (I feel any picture worth taking should also be worth seeing, and a picture from a crappy camera is hard to look at, so no pictures.)

Of course when you do not have a camera is when you will see more “perfect shots”. Those shots can only be captured in the mind… then ya just gotta hope the memory card of the mind does not delete the image J

Oddly enough, I would rather go a full day without clothes, than go a full day without my camera. I know most people would prefer the other way around, if they had to choose. And also funny is that most would not want any cameras anywhere around if they happened to truly be naked. I Know I am different. I would not care on bit if someone took pictures of me without clothes, but oh the horror of having someone capture a picture of me without my camera! (Similar to having a picture taken of me without a hat on!)

Which one would You Choose? And Why? 
I’d love to hear your ideas on this! 
What makes You feel naked?