Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving... When Turkeys Hide

                Turkeys are Going into Hiding.
                It must be Thanksgiving again.
I saw this funny sign yesterday, and it made me think of all that must go thruogh a Turkey's mind in the weeks coming up to Thanksgiving. (And Then I stopped, and looked carefully at the rest of the sign, which featured the Hash House Thanksgiving Dinner menu... The Hash House is just twisted enought to actually possibly serve Ostrich... But they are sticking with Turkey this time.)

Thanksgiving is a time when we are supposed to be thankful for all the wonderful blessings in our lives. Not many Turkeys make it through unharmed, and only those very creative ones can be thankful that they outsmarted the Pilgrim and did not become dinner.

Sure, we all have various traditions that seem to revolve around Thanksgiving. Some celebrate just the fact that they get to spend it with people they have not seen in ages. Some are thrilled they get a four-day weekend from work. Some spend as much time and energy avoiding their family get togethers as some do trying to get those avoiding it to join them. There are so many things connected with Thanksgiving I could choose to write about. In fact I have written about one of my Favorite Thanksgivings already. You can read that one here.

This year, I want to focus on what it takes to survive, as a Turkey in the season when they are so valuable. I am sure that in the early days, it was not so hard for a Turkey, since they were pretty much wild, and it was purely luck and fate that determined if they became dinner, or if they remained to live another season. Once they became caged, fenced or otherwise contained, it made escaping the platter a bit more of a challenge.

Of Course there is the Classic try to get another farm animal to be the intended target...

Or a Turkey could attempt to wear a disguise....

There are numerous ways Turkeys have managed to survive Thanksgiving over the years.
A few years ago, I had the opportunity to get really creative with my fence in a very large apartment complex where I happened to live and also work... To say I took advantage of my position and used the fence for my own joy is a bit of an understatement. But in all fairness, (and much to The Owner's Chagrin) all the tenants loved the fun I added.

My first Thanksgiving in that place, this is what I created:

Turkey Disguise. Medford, Or. Nov 2002

Turkey Disguise. Medford, Or. Nov 2002

Yup! An Acme Instant Cow Disguise Kit... Complete with a bucket of Cow Paint.

The next year, not liking to repeat the same thing twice, this was my creation:

Turkey Disguise, Medford, Or. Nov 2003

Turkey Disguise. Medford, Or. Nov 2003

This time it was an ACME Instant Pumpkin Disguise Kit.
Yup! You probably noticed the Confuzzled Pilgrim peeking over the fence in each, trying to figure out how and where his Thanksgiving dinner disappeared to.

As You enter into this Thanksgiving week, may you successfully avoid any hazards that you wish to not be part of. May you also find plenty to be Thankful for. If you should decide you need help in either creating a disguise, or in avoiding the family... or even if you just want help in finding something to be thankful for. I am always willing to help. I consider myself a master of all the above.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Do You Know a Cat From a Dog??

Is this A Cat, Or a Dog?

Looks Like a Cat... Is It?
What if I told you it was Both? Would you believe Me?
Yes, the photo shows what appears to be a cat. The behaviors of this animal make it appear to be a cat. It would seem it is a cat. Could it be possibly a dog? How do we know? What if I told you it was a Dog living as a Cat? Would you think I have lost my marbles? (well, that would not be a shocker… Heck for years I kept them in various bowls, jars, and containers… finally, I just decided rather than gather, collect and save all my lost marbles, I would just let them wander…. Who knows, when you find a marble, it very well may be one of mine I have lost!)

Do you believe in Reincarnation?
I do.
What you do or do not believe is entirely up to you, and your life experiences. I know what I believe, and will not try to convince you one way or another. However, if you do believe in reincarnation, I’d like to introduce you to a beautiful Dog….

First a short-story about where I am, and how this came about:
I am currently living in a tent in a yard in the middle of Las Vegas. Yes, I live in a tent by choice, not because of any hardship, or for any radical reason. (although some may say choosing to live in a tent is a radical statement) I could stay inside the house, but the opportunity to be outside came up, and the yard is perfect for life in a tent. I am happiest when I am outside, so living outside is even better for me than living in a house.

Part of what I enjoy is sunning in the yard. Yes, even in November, in Vegas, it is still sunny and warm enough for getting a tan. J

The house and yard where I live had a dog that lived here named OG. I never met OG, and I moved to this home just shortly after he left what we know as living on this Earth. I have been told wonderful stories about OG, and some of the things he would do. One of those things he loved was to chase cats.

There is an eternal chase in life between the dogs and the cats. Dogs always chase cats. Dogs always wonder why they cannot catch a cat. Cats always know why, but never tell the dogs, and the resulting look of humor on the cat’s face tells exactly why the dog has a look of bewilderment.  There is a saying that fits well with this scenario. “To catch the enemy, you must become the enemy”, which means to catch what is perceived as your enemy, you must join, understand, and learn to think like the enemy does. The best way to do this is to Become the enemy, meaning walk, and do as the enemy does, so you begin to think and move like they would. This is not an easy task, since there are so many reasons you perceive “the enemy” as an enemy, is because you do not agree with the way they think, act, or the things they do. Sometimes, an “enemy” is merely because you do not like the way it looks, because it is different than you are. So to become the enemy would also mean Looking Like The Enemy. Everything about “becoming the enemy” goes against your nature.

Well, OG never caught a cat while he was on the living side, living as a dog on this Earth. Shortly after I began living in OG’s yard, a cat appeared. This cat had never before been seen in the neighborhood, and already was quite comfortable, even seeming to act as if this was its yard. This cat is a tiny little female, but has no fear. It is clear this yard is this cat’s yard. There also is another dog that lives here. She is a Schnauzer, and her name is Gabby. The cat is not afraid of Gabby, yet Gabby goes nuts, and chases this cat every time. The cat just goes to a place Gabby cannot reach, and looks at her as if to say, “silly Gabby, this is MY Yard.”

A couple of weeks ago, while I was sunning in this yard, this cat came and made it clear She had adopted Me as her human. Yes, you read that right. The cat chose to adopt me.  If you know anything about cats, you are aware they do as they please. No human could ever adopt a cat. The cat must choose to adopt the human. This cat made it very clear that this was HER yard, and that she allowed me to use it. She made it very clear that I would be her human. Much like if this yard was still used by OG, I could not be allowed to exist here if He did not allow me to.

This cat showed that she already had possession of this yard, and also that she knew the house, too. One day after gabby had chased her a few times, Gabby lost interest, and went inside the house to sleep on the couch. The cat just went on inside, and ate Gabby’s food! A few days later, the door was open, but the dish was empty. The cat simply walked to the back of the house where Glenda (the lady whose house it is) was on her computer. The cat jumped up on the bench, and looked at Glenda as if to say “The dish is empty.” Needless to say, the cat was escorted out of the house.

The cat has also decided it would occupy my tent whenever I was in it. She demonstrated this by showing how easily she would shred the exterior if I did not open the door and let her in.  
I have decided this cat should be named Lucille. (there is another story that goes with that, but I will tell it later.)

The other night, Glenda was at her son’s house, and telling him about Lucille. He noticed as she described the cat how the color and markings resembled OG, the dog. It was then concluded that OG finally caught a Cat. So This cat, which I have named Lucille is really OG, the Dog. OG has finally caught a cat, and decided to come home again.
Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, if and when you enter our yard, you will first have to get past our pitbull disguised as a cat. 
This is OG. Photo by Shelly
OG Very Well may have always been a Cat...
Photo By Glenda
Whether or not you believe OG could or could not be a Cat, I will let you decide.We each experince life in so many different ways. We each choose to either accept, or deny what we have seen , learned, and experiened. Should you choose to accpet that OG has finally caught a Cat, I will let you decide.

I will leave you with a photo showing how I managed to cage such a wild animal that entered my tent…

Ferocious, I tell ya, Ferocious! :)
Beware... you just never know what lurks.... Is it a cat, or a Dog?.. or perhaps a Duck that has fooled us all.