Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Unique Resume'

                           My Resume'

Often, after I am hired, the hiring manager tells me what stood out about my application. It is usually my resume'.
I do not claim in any way to be an expert, or for that matter even have a clue about writing a resume'.
What I do claim to know is Who I am, and What I can offer my next employer. I have never truly understood the purpose of a resume, and to this day am baffled that this is the key piece of paper most hiring managers look at before arranging an interview. Knowing I have a one-in-a-thousand chance of having my resume' actually get the attention of a hiring manager, I know I need to do something that stands out. 

I have heard all my life about the supposed format(s) that are acceptable, and what you are supposed to make your resume' look like. Those do not fit me. I have found my own unique style is what works for me. Admittedly, I am aware that many will not even look at this because it is not fitting their standard, brainwashed notion of what they are supposed to look for when choosing applicants. 
Also, I am aware, that if my resume' is not what they like, then I will not want to work for that company. Simple as that. I do what works for me, and this is what gets me the jobs I have had.

I do not suggest this is what anybody else should do, but I do suggest others try to create a resume' that matches their personality. 
Be Bold. Be Fun. Be Creative. Be Positive. Take a chance.
Below is an exact replica of my most recent resume' 
(I have blocked-out the phone number and email, simply because I don't want all that totally public on this blog)
Each time I have needed a new resume, Of course it is a bit different, depending upon what my goal at that time is. But typically, this is the format, style, and creative approach that works for me.
Everything below this line is exactly what my latest one looked like:

You Are Looking for a Hard-Working, Friendly, Dependable, Self-Motivated, Thorough, Fun, and Reliable Person.

My Name is Jon, and I am the Employee You Are Looking For!
Jon A Miller
 (702) 600-17**     e-mail:

What You Need To know:
            I am Self-motivated, friendly, hard-working, detail-oriented, thorough, reliable, fun, and dependable. There is not a job I cannot do. I come to you ready to put to use a lifetime of skills and work-ethic to get the job done to your satisfaction. If there is a job I do not know, I will quickly learn it. I take work seriously, yet know how to be fun, positive, and enthusiastic.
                      I have sought and learned new skills in each and every opportunity that arises. Each day, and each new experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. 

I am currently seeking employment in a business that thrives on liveliness, culture, community enrichment, and positive love of happiness.

I have worked and volunteered since I was a child, and have more experience than can be listed on a simple resume’. I thrive on customer service, making people happy, and helping others to find what they need for success. If there is an experience, or job I have not done, I am willing to tackle it. While the following list of recent employment is in no way able to paint a picture of my full abilities, it is the most-recent picture I can give you.

          I have a wide-variety of skills in Customer Service, Food-Service, Retail, Construction, Manufacturing, Performing-Arts, Warehousing, Delivery, and much more.  

Recent Work Experience:
Stratosphere Hotel and Casino: Las Vegas, NV. (March 2011, to July 2013)
Hired as Part-time Food and Beverage Cashier, Promoted to Full-time Cook
Responsibilities included proper food handling, prep and cooking of all food to be served for the day, assisting customers at counter, and making sure each customer was satisfied in a timely manner. Accuracy, speed, customer-service, integrity, timing, and attention-to many details all at the same time is a must.

*Stash Tea Company: Tigard, Or. (Nov. ’08 to Jan. ’11)
Hired as a temp-packager in production, Promoted to Warehouse Shipper.
Job included packaging and shipping tea product according to customer specific needs. Duties involved fast, detail work with exacting standards, and various packaging machinery. This job included all aspects and equipment of warehousing, and shipping detail. Speed and accuracy in filling large orders, properly boxing for safe delivery, using the proper shipping method, and coordinating orders through the sales department to assure customers received product in a timely manner.

*International Paper (Weyerhaueser) Bag Plant: Beaverton, Or. (Jan. ’08 to Oct. ’08)
Hired as a Baler, Promoted to Bag-making Machine Operator/Tender.
As a Baler, Job details involved off-stacking finished bales of paper bags onto pallets, according to customer specified stacking patterns. This involved working swiftly to keep all operating machines clear of finished bales to prevent back-ups, picking up trash, sweeping and keeping a tidy work place.
Machine Operator/Tender duties included knowledge, safety, and understanding of all aspects of bag-making machinery. The job included maneuvering, loading and threading large rolls of paper into machines, applying ink, glue, and proper tuning of equipment to manufacture a perfect finished product to meet customer needs, and company production standards.

I appreciate your time, and look forward to working with you very soon! Thank you, Jon A Miller.