Friday, March 14, 2014

Would You Peek?

Would You Peek?

 So I recently got SnapChat. The reason I got it is completely different than how it ends up being used. (Not a complaint, I actually LOVE it!) OK, so we all know most people do not want pictures of themselves floating around the web. Also most people, while they may wish to share a photo of something fun, creative, playful, or just silly... Most are very reluctant to share any photo because of how they already know too many photos end up surfacing when and where they did not want them visible. 

Enter SnapChat. An app that allows the user to take, and send a photo that will self-destruct after it has been viewed. (the sender has the option to save their own photo before it is sent, but not after. The sender also cannot even view their own sent photo. Also, the server does not and will not store any photos sent on the app. (yes, there have been lawsuits to gain access to the photos allegedly sent, and there really are not any photos saved.) This is where many people who otherwise would not take, or send a photo of themselves find a joy, a thrill, a freedom, a playfulness, and a new-found braveness. To know they can take, and send any photo to a friend, and that photo will never be seen again. ...

Well in theory. Because the person receiving the photo can screenshot it. But Snapchat notifies the sender of a screenshot has been captured. If you know and trust the one you are sending it to, there is not a worry.

With anything we do in life, there is a level of risk. Trust is also a factor. As with anything, there is the possibility your photo could be seen by someone not intended. Yes, of course, there are ways for people to get around the screenshot notification. There are even videos (and you can find them in The Snapchat help section) about how to outsmart the technology. Or even so simply as the receiver could take a picture of their screen with another camera. But hopefully the one you call friend is also true enough that they are not going to do you harm. So, this opens up the freedom to take and send pictures to one, or many people that you know will self-destruct in a pre-set by you number of seconds.

All my life, I have found that given the right circumstances, many will do things privately that they never would do publicly, also that they likely would never admit to anyone. Again, this boils down to trust. Trust can bring so much joy, freedom, and pleasure. Trust can allow chains to be broken, walls to be knocked down, and allow two people to test their own inhibitions, desires, and boundaries. Most people who get to know me quickly find out that if someone tells me, shows me, or shares with me something that is intended just between us, that nobody else ever knows (unless the one who asked me to keep it private decides to share their own secret).

 SnapChat is very much the same... It is no secret that I love the human body. I do not see it as shameful, or ugly, or anything that should be hidden. All my life, I have loved learning how the body works, what it looks like, feels like, and how each views their own. To me the body is an incredible machine, a mystery, and something that we can never fully understand. I do not see the body as sexual, nor do I view any part as forbidden, secret, obscene, or 'dirty'. I would let anybody who is curious see, touch, learn, and be curious about my own. Likewise, others treat me the same. If I am curious about theirs, they do not hide.

 To me, naked is nothing weird, embarrassing, or new. Sure, clothing creates the greatest of illusions. And often creating illusion is more alluring than naked is. Illusion, or a partial-view often creates more curiosity, more imagination, more playful-ness than fully naked ever will for me.

 And THAT Brings up the question in the above photo: Would You Peek? The answer is "Of Course!" When someone (myself included) gets the courage to allow something to be seen that they have traditionally been told needs to be hidden, they seek approval. Often when someone creates a "peek", a "possible-view" or even a creative angle on a part they had normally hidden, it is done with a bit of fear, apprehension, and "what if?". So of course when on snapchat, someone sends one of these, (or in person, decides to uncover themselves) their first question is "Did You Peek??" (and they themselves wonder "am I ok with this?... Omigosh, I just sent a photo that I am not sure if it is ok, or will I offend, or should I be offended that the person looked, or enjoyed, or... omigosh, what will happen?" )

But when they find that there was nothing that happened in a bad way. So, it becomes "Hmm, that was fun!, That was freeing/ liberating/ exciting/ felt good... What else can I do?"

 I have Two Questions for you: First: what would you be OK with Me sending you (Or more defined, Is there a desire you wish me to send but were afraid to say?) Second: What would you send to me? (or more defined, is there something you would send if you knew it would not be mocked, or would not offend me?) For the Record: Unless someone is being deliberately harmed, there is Nothing that could offend me. Really, there is not.

If someone wants to test their own boundaries, freedoms, explorations, and desires, I encourage it. I encourage creativity, playfulness, learning, imagination, and freedom.

 Why am I writing this today? Because last night I snapchatted a great friend for over two hours. We got creative, laughed, enjoyed, and each tested our own desires, boundaries, and acceptance. Nope, I will not tell ya what our snaps were, nor will I tell ya who it was. Just like in any other part of my life, I keep the trust, and will not blab. (but on that note, since I am so open about my own life, I know when I share these joys with the other, they are free to tell and share.) I know if I send a photo, text, etc, the person receiving it likely will have a significant other, close friend, or even random stranger next to them, and when they laugh, they likely will be showing/ sharing with the person next to them. Yup, I am totally ok with that, since I would never ask someone to hide my relationship with them. (They know I am not with others, and will keep their life private. I know they are not alone, and sharing is part of who they are.)

Also of curious note: I fully expect others to screenshot, save, and share my own photos, yet I likely would never copy one they sent me. There is one exception: If it is just a silly cartoon, not revealing anything about who they are, or any identifying items/ views that would tell others who I got it from. Here is a great example of what I would screenshot, and save:

This photo is one I DID screenshot. I absolutely Love the fun this captures! It is creative,playful, teasing, and pushing the boundaries of what this person would actually allow another to view. The humor in it was just too perfect!! (Not to mention the drawing is wonderful!!)

This photo came because I posted my own silly "Selfie of Me In the Bath"... See below...

This photo of the skeleton in the bath is not mine. It is the Creation of, and I am just borrowing it :)

How about You? Do You Snapchat? and Would you Peek? Join Me! My Snapshat Name is "halfaniceday" ~=:-) Oh, and by the way, Yes, I do send and receive plenty that are not along the lines of "if you show me yours, I will show you mine"...

Ha! Along the lines of "If You Show Me Yours, I Will Show You Mine"... That, like so many things in life has sooo many double-meanings. You can choose to interpret it in any way you find fits. It could simply be Your Smile. You send me a photo of your face, I likely will send you one of my face. You send a photo of your food, you likely will get a photo of my food. You send me a photo of your sunrise, I will likely send yo a photo of my sunrise. Send me a photo of your moon, I might be tempted (notice I said tempted) to send a photo of my bare butt, since the play on words is so fun! But unless I know you are OK with seeing my Butt, I will not until I know you are ok with that. I will always assume you do not. So If you want to see more, just say so... Or along the lines of "If You Show me Yours..." Send me something playful, maybe not even completely revealing, to give me a hint. I enjoy hints.

Now I will leave you with a funny cartoon:

Of Course it Is just a funny cartoon... Those who know me, know whether or not they could touch. But the same goes as the whole thing above about Is It OK? Well, just like the photo, texting, etc... if you want to know, just ask.