Saturday, November 3, 2012

Do I Have a Drinking Problem?

Do I Have a Drinking Problem?:
And Is that a Bad Thing?

Did you ever have one of those moments when you suddenly realize you might actually have a serious drinking problem?
Today, I had one of those realizations…

While I was in the shower, I felt I needed a drink. I did not give it a thought, just reached for the bottle I had handy right there on the edge of the tub.

Yup! I felt I needed a drink while showering. It could have waited until I finished, but I keep a bottle handy, and drink when I feel like it. That is when it hit me. I thought about how few people would actually have a bottle so readily available. I thought about how many people could and would wait until they had finished the shower to have a drink. Then it really hit me. I began to think about how many bottles I have close-by in every part of my apartment… so I can drink when I want, right then.

As I finished showering, I was slightly disturbed at the thought of how many bottles I keep nearby, so that there is always one (or two!) within reach. I was not even dry, and decided I needed to grab my camera and take a picture of every place in my home I kept a bottle handy… (Yep…It would not be my blog, or my life, if it did not involve some sort of naked activity, right? …Oh, the horror of subjecting you to such nudity, huh? First I describe what I’m doing while showering, then I describe what I did while still dripping with water, with my camera… Oh, the shock! The Shame! The indecency! Yeah… it’s horrifying, isn’t it? 

Just knowing I shower while naked, or do naked photography… or even possibly more horrifying: I drink While Naked, too!)

Now, for the real shocking part… the photos. Are you ready to see the bottles I found all over my house??
Of Course, Here is the one that started it all… at the edge of the shower.

There is one next to my computer...

I found bottles in my pack!

Even some next to the coffee maker... Just gotta be careful to not dilute the coffee!

Of course... Some in The Fridge

And in the Freezer, too!

Even one left next to a recent craft project!

Many refillables ready to fill in The Dishwasher

And even some next to, and In the sink for refilling...

For those who know me, this likely is not a surprise. But even I gotta admit, I really never gave it much thought, until it hit me this morning in the shower.

But what may surprise many is the fact that I used to never drink at all… or would see how little I could drink if I needed a drink at all. Yes, there was a time I actually hated to drink, and it actually gave me heartburn. I do not recall when I really began to enjoy drinking, but now it seems I can never get enough. Anyone that has ever spent any time with me since I began drinking knows I always have a bottle to share, if they desire a drink, too! I do not mind drinking alone, but I happily share if another wants to join me.
How much do I Drink?? Good question!

I know most people measure how much they drink in a day in ounces. I really do not measure, or keep track. To me, the actual amount I drink is not important. I DO Drink A Lot! (Dare I admit: I Drink More than Anyone else I know!) If I were to measure how much I drink, it would definitely be in Gallons, not ounces.

When I go out for a day, the heaviest part of my pack is all the bottles I carry with me. But to me, that is The Most Important item in my pack… Never go out without a drink readily available. And if I am going where I likely will not be able to buy more (such as hiking, or in the desert), I definitely carry more than in the city! I do not always have new bottles, often every bottle I carry has been refilled, and re-used. I even have many bottles that are collapsible, so they take up less space once they are empty.

How about you? Do you drink? Do you drink a lot? Do you carry extra bottles everywhere you go? Do you keep a bottle handy so you always have a drink within reach?

Oh, I Do Make myself laugh at the places my mind goes… often with such seemingly simple everyday things. The laughter I enjoyed as my mind went to town on the fun I could have with this post! The play on words leaving to your imagination what exactly I was drinking… (but only revealed in the pictures)
Notice, I never once mentioned what the drink was… But every reference was to water.

YUP! WATER! … Might I ask What You Were Thinking? ~Grin!  ~=:-)
Have you been drinking today? Care to join Me… I’ll share my bottle, or give you one of your very own!
Have a great day, and remember to laugh at the little things in life!